A. Outliners and 'Web Clippers'

1) Comparisons

a. "NoteTaking Roundup" (DonationCoder.com)

i) Same with Graphics & Entire Page *ENCRYPTED* in local .web folder

b. "tried many PIM, note-taking(outliner), web clipping software"

c. .: Overview of modern outliners by platform :.

i) Outliner Features ::.

ii) Basic Features

iii) About This Particular Outliner

1. Outliner Features—Part 2

iv) Instant Outlining

v) Link_properties

vi) Internal Scripting

vii) temporal_awareness

viii) Exporting

ix) Columns

x) Hoist

xi) Advanced Node Manipulations

xii) Cloning

xiii) Internal Links

xiv) External Links

xv) embedding_external_objects

xvi) graphical_displays

xvii) folding

xviii) file_system_integration

xix) multi-level_outlining

xx) Styles

2) Technical Outliners

a. EccoMV

3) Treeview Type Outliners

a. Office OneNote 2007 ::.

b. ActionOutline - store and arrange all your information in a tree outline form! :.

i) With saved format & images

c. InfoQube: Your Information Organizer

d. myBase - Freeform Database, Notes Manager & Outlining Software Tool ::.

i) Same, with Graphics & Entire Page in local.web folder (requires .web folder from zip file for proper viewing)

e. Surfulater enables you to save anything you see on the Internet :.

i) Overview ::.

ii) Same, with graphics from local .web folder (requires .web folder from zip file for proper viewing)

iii) This is a "Mirror" of item #2... change here = change there... (ie. same viewpage attached to multiple outline items)

iv) Example of page marked up with link to another viewpage. (Alt + Click on link to jump, Alt + < to come back)

f. MyInfo Features

g. NoteCase Pro - multi-platform hierarchical notes manager :.

h. PageFour :.

i) PageFour Main Window - Notebooks, outliner, and word processor ::.

1. Screenshot

i. Tree View Outliner v1.0 :.

j. TreeLine (a more complex program than it appears at first glance).

k. Ultra Recall Screen Shots

i) Same "Grounded" (w/ graphics saved in local .web folder)

l. Info Select 2007 features ::.

m. WhizFolders 6.1 ::.

n. CyberArticle

o. The Journal: Write, Organize, Remember, Find. ::.

p. Debrief ::.

q. Mendeley("makes research easier") ::.

r. The Guide ::.

s. myINFOSAFE ::.

t. CUEcards® 2005 ::.

u. EasyNoter 3.7 ::.

v. GoBinder ::.

w. InfoPro ::.

x. BytePad eBook ::.

y. KnowHowDB ::.

z. TaskMerlin (' to-do list, task management and project management software ') ::.

aa. Info-Recall ::.

ab. doOrganizer :.

i) Calendar

ii) Tasks Management ::.

iii) Scribe - Rich Format Text Editor ::.

iv) Mailer - Email Client and RSS Reader You will find a full blown email client and ::.

v) Finance ::.

vi) Resources - Your Important Items ::.

vii) Productivity Tools ::.

viii) Reports ::.

ix) Linx - URLs Bookmarks Manager ::.

x) Journal - Daily Memos ::.

xi) Planner - Annual Planning ::.

xii) MindScape - Mind and Brain Storming ::.

ac. Agenda at Once PIM ::.

i) Agenda at Once PIM ::.

ad. Secure Notes Organizer ::.

ae. WinOrganizer screenshots ::.

af. Personal Knowbase Version 3.1 ::.

ag. My Notes Center ::.

ah. Ultra Recall Screen Shots ::.

ai. Jot+ Notes ::.

aj. MyInfo 4 ::.

i) screenshot

ak. openPim ::.

al. MyLife Organized - Task Management Software ::.

i) MyLife Organized - How It Works ::.

am. Debrief ::.

an. Biblioscape ::.

ao. Offline Explorer ::.

4) Calendaring PIMs

a. Chandler Screenshots

b. UVC 1.0 Beta ::.

i) ow MindMapper can be used in work and personal use ::.

ii) Quick To-Do Pro overview ::.

iii) Overview of Windows Outlining Programs ::.

c. Smart Diary Suite Screenshots ::.

d. C-Organizer Professional ::.


f. Achieve Planner ::.

i) Achieve Planner Screenshots ::.

ii) Achieve Planner ::.

g. PlanPlus™ for Windows® ::.

5) Wiki type PIMs

a. wikidPad :.

b. ConnectedText A Personal Wiki System ::.

6) MindMapper type PIMs

a. BrainStreamer ::.

i) screenshot

7) Other

a. Brainstorm ::.

b. eDocXL™ Document Management Software Version: 4. ::.

i) Screenshot 1

c. lexiCan 2.0 – Knowledge Manager ::.

d. KnowledgeTree :.

e. Datawasp slideshow ::.

i) The right hand panel ::.

ii) focussed in on one room ::.

iii) ub tables can be opened directly under their parent row ::.

f. es-Builder (freeware)

g. BlueDoc - Document Management System ::.

h. InfoZoomer (curious visual zoom concept)

8) Other Interesting Stuff (note sample)

a. .: PerfectNotes™ software :. (w/ graphics saved in local .web folder)

B. Graphical

1) Example.. ::.

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