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11/30/22 at 23:56:33
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How to add nice Save new Linked Data item link to a MV form template page (Popularity: 3292 )

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12/20/09 at 00:35:56

Ray D. asked Quote:
How can I add a nicer looking save linked data item to a MV form template ?

Step 1
Alt - A  and hold down the control key when selecting "RTF Box"

Step 2
Click twice on the RTF box to access the internal box area
then Right click in the box, select "Colors" > "Highlight" > "Set BlocK color"  and choose your desired color.
Step 3
Enter desired text, size box as you desire.
Click on box edge so outer box is selected.
Alt + H  and select (other)  and enter: #EM##.EFLinkerSW.##
click "OK"
(note: can use #EM##.FSaveVChild.## to create a button which saves the filled in form as a new single MV page item,  
ie,  saving the entire MV page as opposed to filling in individual folders with the field data).
Optional Step 4
for the advanced or the daring,  
can press Alt + R,  and replace the > to the cursor's left  (ie., closing greater than sign of the  <A href="...." > markup block)  
with 'style="text-decoration: none;">'
ie,  <A href=#EM##.EFLinkerSW.## style="text-decoration: none;"> YOUR TEXT IS HERE </A>
and Alt + R  to return to MV viewpage
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