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06/20/24 at 19:09:23
News: If you have a scroll wheel, TRY EM SCROLL WHEELS. It's NICE!
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My ECCO won't scroll in Windows 11 (Popularity: 797 )
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03/19/23 at 13:43:19
Anybody seen this?  Actually the question is, does anyone have the answer?
I've used ECCO since about 1995, on my first PC, running Windows 95, can't live without it.  I had to get a new computer, the old one (still running Windows 7) was showing signs of impending collapse.  Every OS I've had would run ECCO fine.  
The new one runs Windows 11.  It's custom built, seems like a perfectly good machine, except that in ECCO, the scroll wheel on the mouse doesn't make it scroll.  Everything else scrolls fine, just ECCO won't.
I'm not gonna quit using ECCO, but I have to scroll with the scroll bar, which is painful.  I don't know what possessed Microsoft to make scrollbars so narrow and thus so difficult to grab with the mouse pointer but who knows?
Anyway, anyone know how to make scrolling work in Windows 11?
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I love Ecco!

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Reply #1 - 09/10/23 at 14:10:25

use the Slang extension.
(Its free!)
EM Scroller Wheels should also work.  
(It's not free --- use the Slang extension!!!)
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