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06/26/22 at 03:23:06
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Scrolling apps: how to use them (Popularity: 1034 )
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08/23/19 at 12:34:27
ECCO Pro pre-dates the introduction of scroll wheels on pointing devices.
I have downloaded two scroll wheel applications:
EM-ScrollerWheels3.exe_file, and
Backgrounder: I'm running ECCO under tbe Wine Windows emulation utility in Linux Mint. Dependable documentation is rare in the Linux world so installations have to be done experimentally, carefully, and thoughtfully.  When it comes to Wine, I never know what's going to happen: it's all trial-and-error. The ECCO memory utility runs perfectly on my system if I load ECCO, then load the memory reporter.
I need to know, assuming a Windows installation, what these utilities do and how they are used. For example:
- Is EM-ScrollerWheels3.exe an application or is it an installer?
- What does the KatMouseSetup.exe program do? What files does it create? Where does it create them?  
- Should these programs reside in ECCO's program directory?
Do I load ECCO, then run these utilities? Where do I run them from? In what sequence are these programs loaded?
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