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06/26/22 at 04:06:19
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An ECCO installer that's a Mystery (Popularity: 1179 )
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07/30/19 at 10:32:51
I need to install and run ECCO in a 64-bit environment. In fact, my environment is Linux Mint under a Wine Windows emulation package. On a secondary system, I also need to install ECCO on a regular 64-bit machine running Windows 7 Home Premium. I've used ECCO for over 20 years but I don't consider myself to be an ECCO "power user." Because I intend to run ECCO on more than one computer, I'm interested in synchronized setups.
In the Files section of the Yahoo board, "ecco_pro," I found a file posted there two years ago:
EccoPro_4.01_363UpdatedInstall_64bit installer.zip
However, the only information provided for it is this:
"ECCO Windows 64 bit installer, did not keep the original author to give credit, saved from a long time ago"
That's it: I've searched for information about this file on the Yahoo site and on the Web with two search engines. This one casual sentence is the only documentation that I've been able to find. Just to take a look, I executed the installation file only as far as its first two screens. It appears to be the same as, or similar to, the original ECCO 32-bit installer. To protect against any (unknown) potential system damage, I exited the installer at this point.
Can anyone fill me in about this installer: EccoPro_4.01_363UpdatedInstall_64bit installer.zip
First: is it safe?
Second: what, exactly, does it install?
Third: are there any tips, tricks, or "gotchas" that I need to know about?
Fourth: is it any good?
And, especially for my 64-bit Windows 7 system, is there a better ECCO "distro" that I should use?
I await your replies, and thank you.
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