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06/20/24 at 19:44:14
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How do I install the paid version of Ecco Pro ? (Popularity: 4769 )

I love Ecco!

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02/27/17 at 08:35:03

The quick answer is:  Ecco Pro is FREE.  The 'Slang' extension is FREE.  Most EM (Ecco Magic) tools are also free.
let's unpack this PM sent today:
I purchased the new Ecco version January 31, 2017, but I can't get it to install.
I think it has to do my installing the old copy of Ecco Magic first.

The following is a sequence of events that might help in diagnosing the problem.

t first tried installing the original Ecco Magic program, but it did not install correctly, as it did not show up in the Start or Programs menu of Win 7. I could navigate to the Ecco program file  location  folder and open the Ecco32 file, and then access my Address Book, but the CFX file did not create any buttons, or create the Virtual files folders.  

I went to Ecco Magic to see if there was any solution, and discovered that a new paid version of EccoMagic exists, which I purchased on January 31.Before trying to install the new software, I was not able to uninstall the original version of Ecco using the Windows uninstaller, and unable to uninstall using a program like Revo Uninstaller.  Since Ecco t showed so many signs of not being installed, I simply deleted the Ecco Folder. I did find some Ecco files in the registry, but I made no changes.

When I tried installing the new Ecco Magic, I got a message that greeted me with my name XXXXX XXXX and my email address XXXX@XXX.net, so I was registered.
However, Ecco was still not in the Start or Programs menu of Win7, no way to start. I navigated to the a EccoPro folder located at Programs 386/EccoPro, rather than the original location of  Programs 386.eccopro/ecco pro.
Strangely, I found that the new EccoPro folder contained just a three files that were nothing but parts of the original old Ecco installation program, I removed those files, and tried to reinstall.  

When I tried a reinstall the new eccomagic program, it still did not install. When it started, it gave a message that didn't show my name of email address, and stated it was a trial program. Mysterioiusly, the EccoPro file contained the compnents of the Origianal Ecco Magic file, as if a short cut had transferred them from some part of my computer to another. Have previous copies of the Original Ecco Magic been disabled?.  

I tried deleting registry remnants of Ecco before a third try, but it went shraight to a purchase Window.


Not having an uninstall for the original Ecco, then having the original Ecco fail installation, followed by the paid version not installing but replacing with files dated from 2007 makes it this very puzzling., I don't know what to do next, and have spent 10  hours on this today.  

Are there any differences between the original and the paid version? I could just install in the Programs/Ecco direcotry, and abandon the Ecco in Programs 386 that won't uninstall in preparation for the paid version. It is unclear if the new version somehow disabled the original eccomagic.

Very, very sorry for the bother. There is too much that I don't know to help in making a dceision.

XXXXXX XXXXXX [name removed to protect the innocent]

So let's start here...  "Ecco Magic" is an extension tool to ecco pro.   It does not replace ecco pro, or change ecco pro.  It needs ecco pro to run.
Like all (or most all?) of the EccoMagic tools,  the tool does not 'Install'.   It runs from the directory you place it and it keeps any initialization variables in a file or files in that same directory.   (Ok, some tools like the FileMagic tool have features that use the registry, for example,  for the list of last used files-- which are kept where Ecco Pro keeps them..]  anyhow...
Generally,  when you have ecco pro open you can run an eccomagic tool directly,  or you can create a hot-button shortcut for it,  or some tools (like magicview) have an installer program you can run to create options in ecco, such as right clicking or 'Menu' options.   ANYHOW...
If you deleted ecco pro in order to install Ecco Magic,  you need to first reinstall your ecco pro.   Maybe you can do a 'RESTORE' to a previous machine state if you have and understand that option,  may be easiest.
If not,
there is a FREE install .zip file that you copy to a directory and run...
try this thread, and report back:
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