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07/21/24 at 19:42:44
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Using Ecco as a Logbook (Popularity: 5570 )
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02/14/16 at 14:32:31
For many years, I worked in a department that had a weekly update meeting where we'd go around the table and tell what we did the previous week.  Also, we had to submit a written monthly report.
I had been keeping a daily log in Ecco and found that it was easy to extract a list of weekly and monthly items.
Here's how I did it:
I kept all my notes in a tab I called "Tasks" and made the "Done" date column visible.  Every time I made an entry, I would press <CTRL>M while on the entry to date-stamp it in the Done column.
To isolate the past week's entries, I went to Tools / Filter View / New and set up a filter called "Weekly" and added a filter so that items would display where Date "is greater or equal to"  the date of 7 days ago, like "2/7/2016".
To isolate the past month's entries, I set up a separate filter called "Monthly" and added a filter it so that items would display where Date "is greater or equal to"  the date of the beginning of the month, like "2/1/2016".
Then, to get a nice printed listing of the active selected filter, I went to File / Print Catalog / New and set up an "Events" Catalog with these settings:
Range - Print All Items
Item Options - Skip Hidden Sub Items, Print Item Icons
Columns - Print Columns, Skip Minimized Columns, Custom Columns (with the "Done" column selected)
Once the above was setup, getting a weekly or monthly list required only two steps:  set the "weekly" or "monthly" filter, then print the "event" catalog.
Of course, once finished printing a log, I'd go back to Tools / Filter View and select Ignore Filter to see all the entries, regardless of "Done" date.
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I love Ecco!

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Reply #1 - 02/14/16 at 17:01:05

1.  Would look at http://forums.eccoMAGIC.com/forum/YaBB.pl?num=1176159427/0#0  for maintenance tip when using large number of date folders (which you will be doing with this method, eventually).
2. Instead of manually entering date (by using the done folder),  you can create an auto-date folder.  Simply create a date folder.  (one way is to use Column > Create New Column > Date ) (or you can use View > Folder WIndow  to open the folder window and right click & choose New Folder ... or .. click on the top bar next to Folder button on top of folder pane and simply type ENTER [just like in normal ecco outline] and then again right click [or Alt-L] and select Folder Type > Date).   Then select (Right Click or Alt-L in folder pane) 'Auto Assign Rules'  for the new folder.  Make the rule "*"  [an astic, no quotes] and OK.
Now, every item you enter AUTOMATICALLY gets its own date....
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