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06/26/22 at 03:51:45
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Configuration will not stick (Popularity: 6822 )
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04/30/15 at 12:36:05
I have configured Magicview as sidebar, internalize, vertical pane, in Ecco Pro but it will not stick.  Sometimes it just jumps to sidebar or detaches and shows on desktop and will not show in Ecco and it does not show in Ecco when I restart (1st Ecco and then Magicview).  This started after I ran the mvinstall.exe, yesterday, and at one time the Magicview window inside Ecco started flickering and I had to close and reopen both of them to stop that behavior, before that it seemed to work fine.  I am using Netmanage Ecco Pro V4.01 on Windows 8.1 64 bit and trial version of Magicview (3 days).
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I love Ecco!

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Reply #1 - 06/14/15 at 14:12:23
Are you running MV in Admin mode ?
to understand issue:
all was fine.  You ran MVInstall.exe and then problem started ?
What directories are all the programs located in (including ecco, MV, MVInstall, etc.).
What MagicView  files show up,  with what extensions ?  (Like, "MagicView.ini", etc.)
What anti-virus are you using ?   Did it ask you about eccomagic, ecco, magic view ?
if you try it as another user,  same problems ?
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