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06/20/24 at 20:12:38
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Getting Started (Popularity: 42478 )

I love Ecco!

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11/10/07 at 21:33:37

Step 1: Install the EccoPro software.
     Option 1:  Download and run the original Netmanage install.  Free download available at the Ecco_Pro Yahoo! forum's file section: here (download both files and put them in the same directory.  Then, run the first file, the ".exe" which creates a file called setup32.exe.  Run the setup32.exe file to install).   Be aware that the normal install wants to search *all* of your disks and network disks for program setup info.  Usually the install will be very fast, but sometimes, when there are huge (and slow) network drives connected, the install takes a *long* (20 hours even) time so before installing best to  (a) disconnect all possible network drives [to avoid the delay of searching all your network drives for files to use with ecco] and (b) if install seems to 'hang' just wait it out (at least 24 hours) before deciding that the install has really hung or failed.
     Option 2: Download the EccoMagic EZ single directory install (found here),  unpack to any directory and run.  (Likely you'll want to create a start menu shortcut to the ecco32.exe main program file by right dragging the file onto your start menu and choosing 'create shortcuts').    (On 64bit OS be sure to locate the program in the proper area designed specially for 32 bit programs!)
Step 2:  Update the 'default.ect' file in your ecco32.exe program directory.
     Not necessary if you've installed with Option 2, above,  otherwise, CRITICAL!!   Simply download the updated default.ect file and replace the existing default.ect file in the main ecco progam directory.
Step 3: Take a look at the Netmanage instruction guide and tutorials.   Very helpful!
     If you don't have it on your system (or can't find it),  download the manual for free from here, and the getting started guide from here

Note: For add-on tools, freeware extensions (network activation,  outline icon update, etc) see EccoTools.com

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I Love Ecco!

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Reply #1 - 04/17/21 at 21:42:35
I'm new.  Very glad to use EccoMagic, it's wonderful!  Thanks to the EccoMagic Forum!
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