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Message started by cjholly on 08/03/18 at 14:23:19

Title: Having fun with the Color folder
Post by cjholly on 08/03/18 at 14:23:19

I barely understand slang rules, but borrowing from others I came up with a rule that removes color from Done items, turns past due To-Do's orange and current and future To-Do's green, and current and future Appointments with an A: or O: magenta and with HRG: red, and removes color from past hearings and appointments.

iff(gfv('Done') > 0, "",          
iff(gfv("To-Do's") > 0, (iff(gfv("To-Do's") < TODAY, 0x0099FF, 0xFF0000)),          
iff(gfv("Appointments") > 0,
[To-Do's] or [Appointments] or [Done]

I cannot remember where the skeleton of the above came from, and I am sure it is not the most elegant way to do it, but for now, I am just glad I got it to work without bother my fellow eccolytes overmuch.  --Chris Holly

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