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Message started by ScottSutherland on 06/13/17 at 16:08:36

Post by ScottSutherland on 06/13/17 at 16:08:36

Compusol ( used to have all the ECCO downloads, tools, instructions, etc. you'd ever need for $10 per year.  Today I want out to the site to look for a tool to help me with an "overflow" issue in my ECCO file, only to find that the entire Compusol account has been suspended:  You can get an idea of what was there via the Wayback Machine:

Does anyone know what happened to Compusol?  And is there someplace else to get the various downloads, tools, tutorials, etc.?



UPDATE: looks like Friedhelm Dohmann, CompuSol founder, passed away in March of this year:  All I can say is "Oh, crap!"

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Post by Admin on 06/14/17 at 16:20:53

Hopefully,  you can find everything you need (and more) here.  Check out the board if you have not already.  See the 'guide for the perplexed' which lays out much info about many many tools, most of them free!

Also, in the files section of the  'new' ecco_pro yahoo forum at

Also in the files section of the 'old' ecco pro forum at  but do not post into the old forum-- it has known issue w/ identity theft bots that harvest your information based on posting there... so don't do it!  but the files section has much material posed from the compusol site so may be helpful if you need something from there

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Post by ScottSutherland on 06/16/17 at 12:28:47

Awesome!  Thank you!!!

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Post by Verity on 10/21/17 at 05:12:56

Apologies if this is the wrong forum.  I have used Ecco in a very basic way for many years but am once again getting a message 'Unable to complete command. Low memory condition detected'.  Last time it happened I just opened a new file - annoying to have to intermittently refer to an earlier file but at least I could continue using Ecco.  However, when I tried to do this this time I'm allowed to make a few entries and then the same message appears.  I would appreciate any help.

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Post by Admin on 10/21/17 at 13:47:57

1. Yes,  this is the wrong thread.

2. Use the forum search for "low memory" and see what you find,  would be a better approach, probably.

3. You do not need to open a new ecco file.     You need to diagnose your memory issue.   See of you can find a helpful thread on that,  search for "memory reporter".    If you'll download and use the (FREE) memory reporter,  it will likely tell you where your issue is.  

4. If you opened a new file and you can't use it..  most likely culprit is your alarms.   Try deleting your alarm file  (it rebuilds automatically when relevant .eco file is opened).   You can find it with .cfx finder tool (FREE).  in forum.

hope helpful...

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