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Message started by Philster on 09/03/11 at 03:37:37

Title: Bookmarking items inside a viewpad
Post by Philster on 09/03/11 at 03:37:37

What I'd love to see:

- Hotkey 1 bookmarks the currently selected item in a viewpad (i.e. an outline).
- I press hotkey 1, then do some editing elsewhere in the same outline.
- Then pressing hotkey 2 returns me to the item I bookmarked with hotkey 1 so I can continue to work at that point of the outline.
- This should work not just for TLIs, obviously, but also for child items with the viewpad automatically unfolding up to the level of the bookmarked item.

Can this be done?


Title: Re: Bookmarking items inside a viewpad
Post by Admin on 09/04/11 at 11:31:23

Yes,  I would like such a feature too.

Right now I just add some garbage text like @#@  and do a search to go back to that same line....

You can also make a 'bookmark' folder or a series of them & use auto assign form (and hotkey icon if desired) to instantly assign any item to that folder...   item then shows up in bookmark view (if you've opened or set up such a view)...    not a perfect solution but sometimes handy..

you can also use duplicate views,  two views with the same folder,  so that you can save your  place in one view, and keepworking on the same outline in another view.   Each 'view' is a 'bookmark' and can have its own fold levels, etc.

Finally, the magic Gather tool allows you to 'hijack' an item,   to place it on a 'hijack' view apart from the rest of your outline.   Not exactly what you're after but can be very helpful for reaching same result-- access to particular items/sections of outline directly....

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