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Message started by Admin on 04/12/10 at 13:25:06

Title: Clear and Organized Folders Outilne
Post by Admin on 04/12/10 at 13:25:06

With just a tiny assist from the slang extension,

Ecco does some pretty cool things.

Here is an example of an organized folder pane.

(You can drag any outline item into any folder to assign that folder to the item,  

or with item selected you can click in checkbox to left of folder to assign/remove item,

or with Folder Column (these showing [right click on column header > Properties > set Showing Sub Folders] sub folders) you can select /deselect folders from a column)

The slang trick here is to add a little line to the eccoext.ini file:


(256 is used in this example,  you can use a larger number if desired)

(be sure to re-start ecco after making the addition to the .ini file).

The rest is all ecco.

as you see in this example,

everything you can do to the normal outline,

you can do to the Folder outline.

Including color, level styles, number styles, etc.

*Very Cool!*

The numbering seen in the folder column is via slang power,
right click in folder pane & select  "Show Folder item Count".

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