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Message started by Admin on 09/08/09 at 06:23:21

Title: Ecco OUTLINE and 'SLICES'
Post by Admin on 09/08/09 at 06:23:21

Ecco is a little different.  That can be confusing  [smiley=undecided.gif],  or depending on how you look at it,  very cool  [smiley=2vrolijk_08.gif].

Here's why:

As an outline,  you can have many "MAIN" items that are outlined with sub-items:

I. Item 1
.. Sub item 1
.... sub sub a
.. Sub item 2

II. Item 2
.. Sub item 1
.. Sub item 2


Each Main item (called a "TLI" or Top Level Item  in ecco lingo) can be a different topic, subject, etc.

ok so far...

now for the 'SLICES'.

Ecco "Folders"  and "Notepads"  aren't really folders or notepads..   They are Slices & Slice views!

What is that,  and why is it cool ?

You can ADD a slice of any outline item at any level of that item's outline to any 'Folder',  and it adds that "SLICE" to that 'Folder'.

Eh ?

You can add subitem D of Item 1  and subitem Q of Item 3  and the entire Item 2  to the "X" Folder.

Each slice shows up in that folder and any view showing that folder's slices.

You can have the SAME or different parts of outlines show up in different folders AT THE SAME TIME.

What you see in the "Folder" is an ECHO of the item...  (ie., 'ecco').

The most basic way of using this,  is to have different main items (and their entire outlines)  in different Folders.

Folder X could have items 1- 3,  and Folder Y  Items 4-6.

Simple enough.

Right Clicking on tabs adds & removes them from other tab views,  and sometimes when you drag & drop you MOVE items from folder to folder,   sometimes you ADD them to the second folder without removing them.

If you drag & drop SUB parts of an outline (called Sub items in ecco,  also children,  also SLIs)  it will always ADD that slice to the new folder,  because other (parent) slices of that outline are still in another folder.


If we have Subject 1  Subject 2 and Subject 3  as top level outilnes,

we can have folder X with Item A from Subject1,  Item B from Subject 2, and Items G-Z from Subject 3.

or even,  Item B G and F from Subject 1...   a 'select' portion of the Subject1 outline as its own 'outline' in Folder X.

*and* at the same time we could have Item B G and F from Subject 1 (a TLI,  top level item) also in Folder Y,  and also in folder W, R and Z.


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