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Message started by Admin on 09/08/09 at 06:15:24

Post by Admin on 09/08/09 at 06:15:24

Ecco has a real nice backup feature.

File > Properties > Backups

Local backup (check to activate)  allows multiple backups (each time you save or file is auto-saved).   Recommended 3 - 7 depending on file size and disk size, etc.

Autosave is set via Tools > Options > Autosave every file every [1/5/10/.../180] minutes.

Network Backup does not need a network!

You can save a daily backup to any directory you desire!   (It's a great feature!).

you can open .bk# files directly (they open as read only).

It makes it EASY to retrieve accidental deletions, etc.!

Post by Admin on 05/05/13 at 07:24:20

Here is a translation of the above:

When you save Ecco files,  ecco can keep one (or more) backups.  Thus, with each save,  Ecco could keep a sequence of [your file name].bk1, [your file name].bk2,[your file name].bk3,[your file name].bk4, etc.

How many backups are kept, YOU select via the File > Properties > Backups dialog.

This setting applies to both manually saving a file (Control + S), and auto-background saves.

ALSO,  there is an optional 'Network Backup' (check option to activate, and Browse to select directory and file name).  This option is also found in the File > Properties > Backups dialog.

You can select a networked drive (if you have one and want to use it for a backup) OR,  you can use any folder on your computer (and any file name) to save a once a day backup OUTSIDE OF THE SEQUENTIAL SET OF BACKUPS.  

In addition to selecting how many versions of the last saved document are kept,  you can select how often ecco auto-saves its files (if at all).

That is set in the Tools > Options > Files dialog.  Checking "Autosave all files every"  __ min  (and selecting desired interval).  well set up the auto-save option.

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