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Message started by Admin on 05/04/09 at 20:03:55

Title: How to safely remove a Folder from a notepad view
Post by Admin on 05/04/09 at 20:03:55

removing and adding folder:

(A key point here is that you can remove a folder and add it back to view at will,   and does not delete any of the items from the folder.  This is about removing/deleting FOLDER from the notepad view.    

If you delete or remove a folder from the FOLDER VIEW you will delete the folder forever.   The items will not be deleted,  but they will no longer have any folder value for the folder you remove from the FOLDER VIEW [on the left side of the screen].)

PLEASE NOTE we are *not* deleting ITEMS from the folder.    We are just REMOVING the folder from the view (although we use the DELETE key or the 'Cut' option to do this)

You can use View > Choose Notepad folders  for same result.



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