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Message started by sibber on 01/31/09 at 12:43:09

Title: great install
Post by sibber on 01/31/09 at 12:43:09

thanks for the swell one-step ecco installer.

i installed it to my new xp machine with just one hitch....

i had my old ecco data file on my desktop.  
i opened ecco without moving the data file to the eccopro directory.
then, because i was originally - many years ago - working offline from a master, it wouldn't let me do a "save as" to the eccopro directory.
but i finally figured it out:
- closed down ecco program.
- moved data file to eccopro directory
- reopened, got error message & browsed to data file in directory.

that doesn't even count as a problem!

thanks so much

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