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Message started by Admin on 05/18/08 at 23:41:40

Title: EM RSS Blog (notices, updates, etc..)
Post by Admin on 05/18/08 at 23:41:40

@All who watch the EccoMagic RSS Feed,

sometimes  (ok, once in a while)  there are cool (sometimes even major) developments/updates/mods  that don't show up on the feed because no new thread was opened or new post posted.

This thread is intended to fix that.  

An in-forum 'blog' that will key you in to the occasional cool insights/updates that would otherwise not likely get noticed.

Title: Re: Screen II Ecco Update
Post by Admin on 05/19/08 at 05:28:24

Screen II Ecco (Freeware) has been updated,

adding new features such as expanding/minimizing one (or multiple) images.

Title: Re: EM RSS Blog (notices, updates, etc..)
Post by Admin on 05/26/08 at 18:15:20

Just to note,

Updated eccomagic-create-workgroups-from-ecco (Freeware) tool.  (Relevant for those who need to create or manage an eccoworkgroup,  but can't).

Updated EccoMagic-XP  ( )  If you haven't seen it,  CHECK IT OUT!   it does some amazingly cool stuff,  Large and small....

ps: if you know anyone who still calculates calendar days by hand  (eg. counting the 45th day, etc. etc,)  tell them about this tool!   It's worth using ecco  JUST FOR THIS FEATURE!

Title: Re: EM RSS Blog (notices, updates, etc..)
Post by Admin on 05/26/08 at 18:55:06

EccoMagic memory reporter (Freeware)  updated.  If you haven't tried the tool  TRY IT!   If you use it and haven't been seeing the actual  "free memory report"  (ie. how much exact FREE memory),   try it now!.  :)

Title: Re: EM RSS Blog (notices, updates, etc..)
Post by Admin on 06/02/08 at 09:05:35

Nothing major,  but added some 'template' color scheme options you can select via membership "Options".

"Default" theme is currently a 'Miami" theme,

if you'd like a personal theme,   within reason just let me know your color suggestions....

Title: Re: EM RSS Blog (notices, updates, etc..)
Post by Admin on 06/04/08 at 19:02:02

Enhanced version of MagicMerge tool now available.

we still need a tutorial on this *VERY* cool tool-- it allows for some amazing results,

but,  suffice to say,

tool allows instant & incredibly powerful merging w/ MS Word.

Title: Re: EM RSS Blog (notices, updates, etc..)
Post by Admin on 06/08/08 at 21:14:08

Small mods to MagicMerge.

MagicMerge demo file added.

It's pretty cool!

Title: Re: EM RSS Blog (notices, updates, etc..)
Post by Admin on 06/11/08 at 08:12:57

More enhancements to MagicMerge tool.   (1) File drag & browse will not start new merge directly,  wait for "MERGE" button push to allow for setting other options if desired before merge.  (2) more advanced "shift" click options,  such such as shift-MERGE execution to keep merge dialog open for multi-merging.  (3) activated advanced email option to allow manual override of email to selection folder at merge time.  (4) other misc. enhancements, etc.

updated demos & tutorials,  hopefully helpful as intro both for new to merge concept and advanced mergers.

It's pretty cool!

Title: Re: EM RSS Blog (notices, updates, etc..)
Post by Admin on 06/13/08 at 07:59:37

sort of major internal upgrades and fixes to following tools.   Solves most known bugs and issues for the tools & includes current advanced features:

Magic Merge tool

magicHijack! tool

Screen II Ecco  tool

EM 2 Monitor Fix tool

Title: Re: EM RSS Blog (notices, updates, etc..)
Post by Admin on 06/14/08 at 18:51:38

kind of nice update to magicHijack!.

If anyone hasn't tried the tool (including Hijack, and Gather, the features of the tool-- see doc).  

Well worth the visit!

Update includes new thumbtack/sendTo feature, and even smoother Hijack!

Title: Re: EM RSS Blog (notices, updates, etc..)
Post by Admin on 06/18/08 at 09:57:34

More update to MagicHijack!

some nice subtle additions,  very cool hijack/unhijack  even in 'tricky' circumstances.   Multi-item hijack,  unhijack very smooth now even across files/sessions.    Some very cool internal code that makes use of tool smoother, and more 'perfect',  especially in 'problem' circumstances (coding wise).  

nerdy comments:

The 'smoother hijack'  wasn't being so smooth in some situations.  Now it is!  

Problem was/is  can't seem to find a way to get Ecco to jump focus to a particular item.  As far as current State of Art,  we can't do that... but now... although we can't get ecco to jump.. it turns out we can get ecco  to SLIDE...   anyhow..

Incorporates some cool new insights and innovations in working around what were internal limitations ecco was throwing at use of tool in certain circumstances.    You should be able to now hijack an item,   work with that item in hijack mode,  close file,  work on other things, even close down system and reboot,  and when you reopen file and dehijack,  should work perfect.  (always would dehijack you,  but if session closed, etc.,  was unable to dehijack elegantly..).  Same for hijack/dehijack on multi-files at same time.  Each should work great.

Title: Re: EM RSS Blog (notices, updates, etc..)
Post by Admin on 06/21/08 at 18:26:48

New version of  EM Slang RTF Outline Copier  (FREEWARE).

Tool Copies selected items as RTF OUTLINE.  Including RETAINING FONTS AND FORMATTING.

Ver 2.00 adds nice (even very nice spacing!)

also fix of bothersome problem with underlining.  Now underline should work great everywhere when pasted as RTF.

if not obvious,

Requires Slang extension.

ps: if you've used vers 1.  well worth the upgrade cost to vers 2.

Title: Re: EM RSS Blog (notices, updates, etc..)
Post by Admin on 08/08/08 at 10:51:17

Wow we are popular with the dedicted russian spam for fun and profit community!  :-/

working on some internal mods to let them know politely that prefer they post in more appropriate forums...

ps:  Work on project EMV is looking GREAT!  *Every* alpha tester voted "WOW!" after week of use. (this is the most positive response ever received by tool.  Although magicHijack!  and Merge! got extremely high response also).   (Although about 25% of EMV alphas only voted "ok"  after initial day of test).

Title: Re: EM RSS Blog (notices, updates, etc..)
Post by Alec_Burgess on 08/13/08 at 01:45:16

Admin wrote:

Wow we are popular with the dedicted russian spam for fun and profit community!  :-/

So that's why I was unable to obtain "Car Manual Online Repair ... on a board I am watching"  ;D

Sorry for the late post ... I was away on vacation for a week and am just catching up.

Title: Re: EM RSS Blog (notices, updates, etc..)
Post by Admin on 08/27/08 at 18:51:26

Just sharing an update on the MagicView project status.

Things looking GREAT!

updated pre-release instruction manual at

Bookmarks, indexing,  history, amazing stuff working great.   Release or pre-release date looks like very soon.  Lots of subtle complex stuff going on,  needs testing on large platform base to bring to light likely issues/problems.

Also,  likely needs an intro flash video to how 'uh,  what do I do with this ?'.

ps: worked hard to keep the 'ecco' look & feel,  hopefully,  successfully.

Title: Re: EM RSS Blog (notices, updates, etc..)
Post by Admin on 09/28/08 at 09:13:15

MagicView Alpha tests wanted to know how to localize graphics files.    

"Here's a page of my favorite knife dealer,  with a shot of the new vs old blade,  how do I save it ?"

"oh,  there is a "Screen2Ecco" program ?    Cool."

But am pleased to report have added photo capture to the tool.    Photos are kept in a directory tied to each .eco file.  Works AMAZING.   Some tweaking needed on the 'reconcile' end,  to trim photos no longer relevant to the file.  Some complex CSS issues in need of resolution.

All-in-all,   MV is stable, working AMAZINGLY GREAT... and something to get excited about.

It has added a fundamentally new dimension to the way I use ecco.

Am now clipping 'snapshots' of huge Word, Excel & Web documents and including as documentation of minor outline items.  (costs is averaging a measly global pointer or two per item).   For comparison if you  fully filled in all the fields in default phone book entry,  each phone entry would use up 21 global pointers.

(or, eg., a 100k word file [large] added to an item, takes up the same ecco space as adding phone, fax, email, and zipcode to an item.)

also is just drag/drop or copy/paste or mark & hotkey,  so *much* easier than trying to insert copy of .doc file as eco file object.

plus, can grab several clips in single view page, for very fast data access....   it's cool.

Title: Re: EM RSS Blog (notices, updates, etc..)
Post by Admin on 09/28/08 at 09:17:19

also came to light that some of our alpha testers were not aware of Magic Hijack, Screen2Ecco,  EM Classic, etc.

if you haven't gone thru the  and READ INSTRUCTIONS FOR EVERY TOOL ON THERE... you're missing something!

Title: Re: EM RSS Blog (notices, updates, etc..)
Post by Admin on 10/09/08 at 21:20:18

New pre-release instructions for MagicView here (    [smiley=cool.gif]

While MagicView is certainly *not* intended as a word processor replacement,  found it natural environment to demonstrate some of the core functions (the instructions written as MagicView page).

Some of things that are for me super helpful and useful,  you probably might notice-- highlighting, and paragraph highlighting,  outline numbering, etc. (Focus on easy to use tools for information gathering, highlighting, organizing and filing-- ie. Gathering, saving and reviewing info that can access quickly and easily).

Instant export as a html file allows easily sharing notes outside of the ecco world,  as in this example.

ps: Have taken to the practice of sending misc. requested info to friends & family directly from my organized ecco clips.  I just select the relevant ecco outline sections,  press Winkey + / to load the 'combo view'  and then drag & drop the indexed clip into an email.

The only problem with this so far is that I keep getting asked to let them know from whom I forwarded the mail.   For some reason the info in this format looks like a report someone else wrote up and I was just forwarding on...  go figure.

Title: Re: EM RSS Blog (notices, updates, etc..)
Post by rb on 10/11/08 at 17:10:22

Admin wrote:

New pre-release instructions for MagicView here (    [smiley=cool.gif]

Can we [alpha] test MagicView? Where can we download a copy?

Title: Re: EM RSS Blog (notices, updates, etc..)
Post by Admin on 10/11/08 at 22:10:21

90 day beta trial for you.    [smiley=vict.gif]

recommend turning on comboview borders (View Menu).  


We are transmitting or delivering to you a copy of our software,  similar to if we were transmitting or delivering to you a copy of a radio show.  We own the original program, as an entire work, including but not limited to the coding, text, html,  images, graphics, layout, design, and look and feel, all of which are COPYRIGHT by us, and all rights to which are retained by and RESERVED by us.   Similarly, the source code including any and all parts which are based on our trade secret or any patented or patent-pending technology,  are retained by us,  and your right is limited to a right to use the object code distributed to you.   You agree not to look under the hood, and to keep fully secret and confidential, even from your own eyes,  all internal processes of the program.          
We grant you,  and only to you,  the right to use,  for either a single user on as many machines used exclusively by that user, or for a single machine with multiple non-remote users.   You may, of course,  make reasonable backups of the program, if kept securely by you,  and not in such a way that others might have access or the opportunity to copy or steal the program from your backups.          
You are authorized to re-transmit or copy the program for your own use, from a fixed media to another fixed media or to local RAM of your machine,  in order to use the program in an ordinary fashion.  You are not authorized to modify, crack, or hack the program.  Application or implementation of any  modification, crack, or hack, is a violation of this end user agreement, and a violation of the program's copyright.          
The the full extent permitted by law, no warranties are made, and the software is transmitted "as-is".  Use of this software has not been tested by us on your individual machine or circumstances,  and you acknowledge this and you agree to assume all risk of use.  No warranty of fitness for use, and no warranty for merchantability are made by us,  and ALL IMPLIED WARRANTIES are, to the extent permitted by law,  fully disclaimed by us.   To the extent permitted by law,  the limitations of remedies for any breach of warranty is limited to replacement of the software, or refund of the purchase price,  at our exclusive option.          
This product is distributed "AS-IS".          
Please report any comments,  suggestions, bugs, or problems to:          
©2006-2008.  ECCOMAGIC.  All Rights Reserved.

Title: Re: EM RSS Blog (notices, updates, etc..)
Post by Admin on 10/15/08 at 14:30:20

[smiley=thumbsup.gif] Nice stuff to report on MV,  added ability to 'clone' existing color schemes (font color/highlight color)  to make going back to marked-up pages for 're-marking' super easy.

Added 'tear-off' background option,  super easy to add background image (from disk or web) directly to pages.

Added copy to subitem... VERY NICE....  allows clipping key text of large page to sub item,  so when browsing items,  have quick and easy summary of what is clipped.

odds and ends fixes of plumbing... etc...

Title: Re: EM RSS Blog (notices, updates, etc..)
Post by Admin on 10/19/08 at 18:04:25

[smiley=happy.gif] MV is looking close to 'production' ready.

have uploaded updated beta (old link),

includes latest clipping & localization engine (MAJOR improvements),

activated advanced formatting features (columns, margins, line spacing, etc.)

activated advanced features/options,  (eg., drag & drop images, option to ground local image files, etc.).

Only a handful of significant features not activated (still in testing/stressing/debugging stage for them),
Also, additional files such as ecco integration/activation tools (eg., launching directly saved urls,  double clip activation ,etc.,), not yet included as dist. pack.

also need some 'video' of how to use, etc...


amazingly nice to clip,  index & highlight (as we read) what is important and save into easily organized ecco OUTLINE.

incredibly easy gath & report.  Eg.,  gather info from all over (web, pdfs, docs, excel sheets, text files, etc.)  keep folder (or pulldown) based categories for each clip (or set of clips).  Then,  simple search by category (or even opening view & filtering),  mark all items and with a single key pull  assembled report ready for copy/drag&drop/export to html file.  

it's SO NICE, to be able to review (webpage, doc, excel, etc.)  and to MARK INSTANTLY those sections of interest (instant indexing/bookmarks),  highlight the key info (even quickly organize in outline struct.)  and save in organized (ecco) outline structure.

Title: Re: EM RSS Blog (notices, updates, etc..)
Post by Admin on 10/22/08 at 07:04:32


Hopefully it's looking good.   Still in pre-release, MagicView now "official".  :)

Activated most of remaining features, hopefully fixed most of major issues.

Added some examples to MagicView home thread on board,  hopefully showing some of the amazing things MV is doing.

Note:  much internal 'safety' logic.   If MV ever hangs,   leave it alone and come back in 1/2 hour.   Built in timeout control and stack reverse pulldowns should save pretty much all crashes... but since a buggy loop might do millions of ops before timeout triggered,  stepping back can take some time... (but at least data is not lost!).   In my own debugging have not been able to crash the tool,  but *have* been able to get it trigger internal safety and take 20 min or so to come back to life.

Please send me any bug reports or suggests, or comments...

hope you like using this tool-- I SURE DO!

(although it did take some getting used to at first... especially where it radically changes workflow with ecco.)

Title: Re: EM RSS Blog (notices, updates, etc..)
Post by Admin on 11/04/08 at 14:57:41

*Major* revisions/fixes with MagicView pre-release.

If you've downloaded prior version... scrap it,  and download latest,  

fixes latent issues with data integrity, and is way way way cooler!

(is also faster, etc. etc.)

have activated most all features in release,  including direct screen clip to MagicView page (it's pretty cool).

help manual is still work in progress,  but working through what is already done should introduce what the heck the tool is/can do, etc..

Title: Re: EM RSS Blog (notices, updates, etc..)
Post by Admin on 11/20/08 at 20:08:51

Inspired by RB's suggestion,  added Tracking feature to MagicMerge.

Now allows tracking of emails/merges/faxes.   (be sure to see instructions--> must both activate feature via options menu *and* have folder "MagicMerge Tracking" (no quotes) in each file you want tracking activated for.)

Tracking is up to the minute and uses up NO file memory pointers,  even if tracking thousands of items merged thousands of times (CF., if added line for each merge,  20 merges to 3,000 customers would exceed file limits).

Allows viewing all items included in any particular merge.   Kind of cool.

oh, ps:  should also properly trigger LUA (slang) rules for each merged item.

Title: Re: EM RSS Blog (notices, updates, etc..)
Post by rb on 11/21/08 at 04:21:35

However, I can not get LUA Script to trigger...  :'(

Here is the script:
-- Create a variable, "FolderName", that contains the name of the MM created Folder:
if string.sub("%I"),1,1)=="0" then
end"Merged %b %d, %Y "..hour..":%M"..ampm)

-- Check if the merged item belongs to the new Folder. If so, create a subitem for the item:
Checked=get_folder_value(FolderName, item_id)
if Checked=="1" then
create_sub_item(item_id, "Sent E-mail Reminder")

You made the Folder names a bit hard to recreate, but the final variable "FolderName" contains the name of the folder created by MagicMerge (based on the time it was created). The script next checks to see if the items are associated with the folder. If they are, a subitem is created with the text "Sent E-mail Reminder".

Unfortunately, none of the merged items gets the subitem text. Thus, the rule is not triggered.

The rule works fine in a test:
Do a MagicMerge, and then quickly (before clock changes) manually add another item to the folder. In this case, only the manually added item gets the new subitem.

p.s. The rule above assumes that the items are added one-by-one so that each affected item_id triggers the rule in turn.

Title: Re: EM RSS Blog (notices, updates, etc..)
Post by rb on 11/21/08 at 21:45:43

I also created a MUCH simpler rule, just for testing:

create_sub_item(item_id, "GENERAL")

However, it is also not triggered after MM. However, when I add a folder value for an item manually, it works (subitem "GENERAL" is created).

Title: Re: EM RSS Blog (notices, updates, etc..)
Post by Admin on 11/22/08 at 16:23:17


see issue.

Recoded base interface between MM and ecco.   Will properly trigger LUA rules.  Also fixes other misc. issues,  such as single item selection merges,  and  very large # of item merges.

new core has not been extensively tested,  but looks good so far.

MagicMerge Tracking updated to track also the FILE from which the item was merged.   Kind of cool...

Tool does a lot and some amazing stuff.

Anyone not yet playing with it... TAKE A LOOK.  (it even allows merges to include item text, item ID#, etc. etc.).


Folder name "Merged" for merges,  "E-Mailed" for emails, and "Faxed" for faxed.

also,  you can alternatively get ALL folders for item,  and compare folder names to find merged.



if you merge just 100 items, 100 times over a year,  you've just cost yourself 10000 (our of 60000) items used to track merges.  

Using a non-text FOLDER to track the merge uses up essentially NO global pointers.  You can send 1000s of merges to 1000s of items (ie. MILLIONS of notations) and not use up basically *any* file limit space.

just a suggest.

Title: Re: EM RSS Blog (notices, updates, etc..)
Post by rb on 11/22/08 at 17:38:00

Admin wrote:


Absolutely essential in my case. Each Item will have 1-2 merges/year (and only 10-100 items).

I will try try the new version as soon as it posted. When will it be posted and where? The tools section post was updated 2 days ago (11/20), so I guess it still the old version. BTW, may help to rename when new version is uploaded (version # or date).

Title: Re: EM RSS Blog (notices, updates, etc..)
Post by Admin on 11/22/08 at 19:05:48

Usually,  if post about new version shows up here,

version has been updated on web.

The time listed in the board for posts is the *original* posting.

Current vers 1.33B.

(Download from tools board).

Title: Re: EM RSS Blog (notices, updates, etc..)
Post by Admin on 11/22/08 at 19:18:16

MagicMerge/Office 2003 conversion dialog thread moved to its own thread over Here (

Title: Re: EM RSS Blog (notices, updates, etc..)
Post by Admin on 12/02/08 at 18:37:53

1. Major MV coding updates/fixes, (including  *very* fine tracking across multiple ecco files,  even multiple ecco sessions; new layer of safety on accidental page close,  history works across ecco sessions, refinement of where child items are saved under,  integration of .pdf, .djvu and other 'object' files.  [works great,  likely in future will refine/upgrade]. and more..)

for ex,  you can now drag one (or more) .pdf file to MV to save the file as a MV page.  (you can  even 'ground' the page to include file automatically in the ecco file's .web directory).

if you've yet to play with/ take the time to figure out MagicView,    well worth the download.

(if you're already using MV,  UPGRADE!).

2. Since Ecco Outline is base for MV,  as expected there is entire world of difference in organization, tagging, and getting to saved info as compared with netsnippets and even MyBase.    What has surprised  is that for many clips (especially small to mid size text < 28k)  MagicView is faster,  even much faster than MyBase.  

Super easy to use,   simple hotkey and *presto*  clip saved to webmagic folder,  tagged with source location & {if dating activated in file} date or date & time clip was made.

allows easy review later,  one at a time -- or even in bulk--- with easy markup & commenting, etc.

kind of cool.

Title: Re: EM RSS Blog (notices, updates, etc..)
Post by Admin on 12/06/08 at 20:13:15

Just to share some MagicView news:

(still in testing, these features not yet released for download).

new super cool MV powers:

1. Clip directly to WebMagic folder of any selected file-- even if another file is active in Ecco at time of clip.

2. INTERNAL sidebar option.    Basically,   MV can appear INSIDE ECCO.   As 2nd pane of single pane views,  or OVER 2nd or 3rd pane of multi-view views.  ( Sample screen shot attached!)

3. Seamless AES ENCRYPTION option. (Not avail on Win 2000).   (which is way cooler than it sounds...   keep your private notes private-- just don't lose your password!)

Title: Re: EM RSS Blog (notices, updates, etc..)
Post by Admin on 12/21/08 at 03:40:10

hopefully, have released close to complete MagicView feature set:

* Hotkey Clip directly from anywhere directly into MagicView

* Hotkey Clip directly from web browsers into Ecco

* Clip screen shots directly into MagicView or Ecco

* Cut from anywhere, and Paste into MagicView

* Drag & Drop into MagicView from:

o Sections of Web pages

o Entire HTML or TXT files

o Photos

o Program and data files to create links

o Selections from thousands of supported program
with MagicView you can comfortably save over 1G
of over 30,000 text clips per ecco file... (8 meg per clip max); and
an UNLIMITED amount of graphics clips which integrate
directly/seamlessly into ecco/MagicView.

Version 3 has some totally new (and pretty cool) features, including:

* Fast. (4x faster on large pages than previous versions. Faster
even than NetSnippets, and MyBase. If is too fast [ie. doesn't loadright, or misses load, etc.] on your system, please report!).

* Share viewpages between multiple! Ecco items. (It's cool).

* In addition to clipping web pages, notes, screen shots, e-mail, word
docs, etc., can now also drag & drop PDF and DJVU files to create a
link to the files (on disk elsewhere or localized) and have them AUTO
VIEW just like other magicview pages.

* AES 192/256 bit encryption option

* Easy to insert LINKS between MV pages. (cool). ( Alt < to go back.)

* In addition to directly clipping to active ecco item, can clip
directly to ecco 'Web Magic' folder for later sorting-- and can clip
to selected file *even if other files are active/open*. (WindowsKey +
Alt + G from within Ecco).

* Option (if you choose) to store view pages (encrypted or not) on
your disk instead of inside Ecco.

* Work INSIDE ecco much easier. Sits IN Ecco really nice. (Winkey +
Control + Z) On-the-fly resize ( F6 / shift F6 / Alt F6 instant
resize/ left-right pane movement). easy back&forth with ecco
Control+F11, Option to exclude from specific tab#'s, option to turn
a tab into full page magicView, etc. (it's pretty cool).

for 47 page manual see this (

Title: Re: EM RSS Blog (notices, updates, etc..)
Post by Admin on 12/22/08 at 18:13:10

Just a heads-up on update to MagicView,

SAFETY IMPROVEMENTS and speed improvements.    Some documentation update & addition as well.

Very much recommend download of this update.    If faster,  resolves old vers. Opera compatibility bug,  and most important, catches structure errors that would otherwise lead to data loss during .web folder compression.

for anyone reading this who hasn't played with MV ver 3,  it's pretty cool.

[edit]oh,  and adds load pagview from highlighted url (in basically any program),  and load full page from cilp capture option.[/edit]

Title: Re: EM RSS Blog (notices, updates, etc..)
Post by Admin on 12/25/08 at 17:07:04

have posted 70 page manual for EM-XP (date expressions)  at .


* tiny updates to EM-MV... wow it's looking (& working) NICE!

* added Ctrl+Alt  recurring date fix   to EM-XP (selection & any children of selection)  for the special cases that can't use slang,  allowing much easier repeating date fix.  (Can do daily bulk, etc.).   If not using slang,  this is for sure the next best thing.   Also additions to (hopefully) make XP work better with multiple ecco sessions.

Title: Re: EM RSS Blog (notices, updates, etc..)
Post by Admin on 01/05/09 at 20:59:55

In case you missed it,  nice little tool "HotDog" posted.

also,  am REALLY excited about MagicView....

It's really working great....

Winkey+F12 'global clip' menu works amazing.

after much testing,  have activated quickview across file and ecco session changes.  (ie. you can turn on quickview and get 'auto/realtime updates' of the magicview pageview.

recommend using the Alternative quickview (QV) connection (File > Folder Options),   does not 'ship' that way because does not work well with that connection method on *some* (very small %) of systems...

will shortly add more MV tutorial/demos...  for now,  is one posted at Ecco_Pro forum file section on Yahoo!.

Title: Re: EM RSS Blog (notices, updates, etc..)
Post by Admin on 01/14/09 at 19:22:06

MagicView v3.5 now available for download.

fixes many, many, many, small and large issues,  and adds some new cool powers.  (Block math, etc.).

Enabled Compression for cross-file shared .web folders & instructions include a how-to on that.

Not sure Like the model of having data shared between two different files,  but,  is *very* cool to use.   For those who dreamed of way to share data between multiple ecco files... well... you'll likely very much enjoy.

QuickView changed (based on much feedback)  from file based to session based-- if you switch files the quickview pane updates as you move thru items.

top/bottom pane control activated,  allows clean use of two MV panes in single ecco.   (one can be set on alternative folder/manual mode,  allowing two (one 'secret') viewpages per item viewed at same time (not that this is something anyone  would use,  but might be cool).

speed improvements, integration improvements w/ ecco...    many small glitches fixed.

Winkey + F12 copy menu working great,

mouse only access to copy menu added to viewpage normal sessions,

fixes for working with multi-files and multi-eccos,   it's looking NICE.

feedback welcome.

Title: Re: EM RSS Blog (notices, updates, etc..)
Post by Admin on 01/26/09 at 13:26:21

lots of cool stuff coming (time permitting),   including an *amazing* tool for multi-file users...

for those following the RSS feed,   if you use EM-MR,  v1.8 released.   Includes alternative mode,  is faster in reporting,  has updated danger reporting.   Works smoothly with multi-ecco sessions.   Default mode likely most smooth for most systems.  Can collapse to tray and just let it warn you on danger situation.

MV release should be 3.6.   (if you don't have that,  well worth update.  Lots of stuff, including PRIVATE NOTES).

Title: Re: EM RSS Blog (notices, updates, etc..)
Post by Admin on 02/05/09 at 12:48:26

updated magicMERGE w/ some small bug fixes.   You don't have to delete the ini file to get short dates to work anymore, and messed up selections shouldn't result in messed up merge messages....

Title: Re: EM RSS Blog (notices, updates, etc..)
Post by Admin on 02/12/09 at 20:21:21

Updated MV,  (v3.65)  deals with massively large (2-20MEG) single page viewpages  much better.

For very large viewpages moves around between viewpages faster.

new structure/options for Winkey+F12  clipping-->    can now clip from anywhere into new ecco item.

fixes with setting up inside of ecco,   improvements with multi-ecco switching.

and such.

hope you like it as much as I do.

Title: Re: EM RSS Blog (notices, updates, etc..)
Post by Admin on 02/17/09 at 02:25:05

not released yet, (will be in next update),  but sounds so cool just had to post:

MV update.  

Prevents falling off the end of the world when transversing pages across multiple files during new sessions.


internal fix with the Alt <  and >   move between prior pages.  (aksin to the F5 menu).

(if you use the history feature,   eventually you'll see what this is all about.... it's pretty cool).

[edit]Also fixes for clipping issues on some systems.    Ecco world is  *very* large.   If some functions don't seem to work right on your system-- speak up.[/edit]

Title: Re: EM RSS Blog (notices, updates, etc..)
Post by Admin on 02/24/09 at 16:41:25

New 'pre-release' of EccoFileMagic.

Stuffed with over 70 tools.   Likely tools should have been released separately to be appreciated.  

Tired of 4 recent files to choose from ?  Try 40!  (and search then instantly with normal or 'regular expressions'.

Ever wanted to SCROLL around your notepads or open files ?   Now you can.

Lots of viewpads and need a vertical list  ?  Alphabetized ?   Instant jump back to previous viewpad/location/file ?   Now you've got it.

Ecco text vocalizer,  fancy (and nice) fold & unfold (requires for not browser back & forth buttons on keypad-- if someone wants this feature and can't use it,  just ask when registering for whatever custom assignments you desire).

Restores *many* features 'lost' in XP/Vista.

Instant column adjustments, column scrolling, etc.

There is much here.   Jump to phonebook WITHOUT changing the phonebook display.  (if you know what I'm talking about,  you'll likely enjoy this).

ps: likely will have trouble on some features on some systems.   Making 70+ tools universal has been huge project.  This is pre-release....

hope enjoy!

Title: Re: EM RSS Blog (notices, updates, etc..)
Post by Admin on 03/01/09 at 21:55:53

Upgrade to MV (3.7) on line.   Adds some refinement allowing more functionality with mouse only operation.   Ex., navigation buttons now allow 16 functions with just  left/right mouse clicks (via right click menu on buttons).

Some minor bug fixes,  increased internal awareness of issues relating to 'mirrored' pages and background saves.   Current approach is to notify,  not to force fix. (ie. notified that page is not most current,   but not-auto update incase you want to save copy of unmodified, etc.    Based on feedback (if any)  will leave as is,  or move to 'auto update'  when on mirrored page that was updated in background.

Title: Re: EM RSS Blog (notices, updates, etc..)
Post by Admin on 03/10/09 at 01:08:59

Nice EccoMV update.

*Major* bug fix,  and logic improvements.   Automatically updates current page when background save might impact (such as mirrored page, etc.).

Re-wrote *from scratch* page format download logic.  Deals with an incredibly wide range of style/format issues.   Also recode & vast improvement in image downloading.   Wrote new control function set for download parsing,  no longer relying on MS built-ins...

Re-code of page load & background saving logic.  Pages load up to 5 TIMES faster. (it's snappy).

Ctrl+Alt+F1 to stop image download if necessary or desired...

Re-coded inset logic with ecco,   sits better, tighter,  fixed calendar sitting issues for some calendar setups.

Improved collusion control for networked users,   change of collusion for page saved to external storage is now about 1 in 100 Million.

some speed improvements for block math;

Tightened code for bookmarks and indexing,  blazing speed...

Hopefully is not *too* fast for some systems.  (might be,  if so,  please report).

Title: Problem syncing with master file
Post by Admin on 03/10/09 at 17:42:30

Off topic replies have been moved to This Thread (

Title: Re: EM RSS Blog (notices, updates, etc..)
Post by Admin on 05/07/09 at 15:11:53

some kind of new & exciting stuff:

MagicView running on most systems very smooth.   If you haven't updates in a while,  worth doing so now.

new magicLINKS tool posted.   Very cool in environment where need to track projects with people / events with other records, etc.

multi-monitor fix  recoded to fix more on more variety of systems.   not perfect,  but pretty darn cool.

not for sure,  but likely next release will be Magic Tasking package that essentially allows list of steps,  and finishing one activates the next listed step(s), and so on.   Kind of cool,  if next step has sub-steps those are activated... etc.  Plan your work,  and then be fed your plan one (or more as you decide) step at a time.  

Title: Re: EM RSS Blog (notices, updates, etc..)
Post by Admin on 05/31/09 at 16:03:55

Something interesting...  

a user reported that MV had stopped downloading images.  (If you Alt + W any viewpage you can look at it in browser to check any MV page).   What had happened is that MV had stopped *showing* images (although images were downloaded and saved).

turns out it is possible to still have 'wolf in sheep's clothing' image files the side effect of which was breaking MV's image rendering.  

So,  added very basic image anti-virus to MV to cover those problematic images not covered by MS or anti-virus checkers currently.   Would expect this is not an issue for 99.999% of users,  (only limited number of sites have the problematic images), but issue should be solved in any case.

Note that if you've already saved a viewpage with one of the problematic images, once your view it again in MV, it will stop other images from showing.  You can  RELOAD with latest MV (and save that page)  to fix.  ie., Shift + Alt + O  reloads a page's source.then Alt + G to ground/save.

no warranty what-so-ever about anti-virus security.  If you have latest MV (3.95 or higher)  and you find that images stop showing... please file bug report w/ url of page that when saved/viewed in MV,  causes the images to stop showing up.

also have activated full support for limiting any particular MV's session hotkeys so that multi MV sessions can flow together very smoothly.

other ecco-centric improvements which hopefully  will still have MV smoothly working on large cross section of ecco setups.

Title: Re: EM RSS Blog (notices, updates, etc..)
Post by Admin on 06/30/09 at 07:19:06

1. Updated MagicLinks,  should now work on most all systems. (even Win 7,  if not please report.)

2. Updated MV to version 4.  WOW some cool stuff.  (known small bugs w/ some new features,  update expected in 2 days, likely worth wait).

Title: Re: EM RSS Blog (notices, updates, etc..)
Post by Admin on 06/30/09 at 11:36:27

Nice update to multi monitor fix.   Actually darn close to a 'fix'...  ::)

Title: Re: EM RSS Blog (notices, updates, etc..)
Post by Admin on 09/18/09 at 10:08:02

Some minor updates:  MagicFilters (small internal improvements); MagicMerge (exposing ItemLevel).

and some very cool powers activated in MagicView,  including Package Edit mode  and Group Exporting.

Group Export is very, very cool.   Will export web clips *AND* most all internal or externally linked files.  (including audio/video/pdf/DjVu/EML/DOC/XLS/JPG/PNG/MPG/MHT etc).    Viewing browser requires ability to handle javascript, mht, and the file attachment types (such as PDF),  and all woks *very* nicely.  Even includes option to number export outline.

Package Edit is for *experts*  but is very cool.   For internal or external files such as Doc/XLS etc. provides editing ability for those files directly (if system supposts).  So,  can not only view DOC files but with activation of Package Edit mode,  can directly edit and save.  Is  *VERY* cool.

Title: Re: EM RSS Blog (notices, updates, etc..)
Post by Admin on 10/04/09 at 21:26:08

Updated MagicFilter (now MagicFilter and Search).

Powerful Search Filter added allowing search within items displayed in view (and not hidden sub-items).  Other features also,  such as Append to Phonebook search.

Title: Re: EM RSS Blog (notices, updates, etc..)
Post by Admin on 10/10/09 at 21:43:17

Major update for 'multiple monitor syndrome' fix.

Growing number of multi-monitor users... for those in need, latest version is *very* satisfying.

Title: Re: EM RSS Blog (notices, updates, etc..)
Post by Admin on 10/12/09 at 16:45:30

Pretty cool MV update.  (Must reset settings when upgrading most versions -- Ctrl + F1).

MV is now officially AMAZINGLY COOL.

ps: if you haven't looked over the MV thread examples... well worth the time.

Title: Re: EM RSS Blog (notices, updates, etc..)
Post by Admin on 10/12/09 at 18:51:03

private request:
Is there anyway we can have Ecco launch the monitor fix and the scroll fix without laving to activate it everyday?  I already have the files launch as programs – always.

Answer: Yes.

Title: Re: EM RSS Blog (notices, updates, etc..)
Post by Admin on 10/14/09 at 08:05:52

"Wow.  That's cool!"  Eccomagic! (Classic) update.

Now allows 'Copy items with folder values' .  (even to other files).

It really works!  

This was about the #1 request issue from 'new' Ecco/MagicView users.   Ability to copy items WITH MV pages intact.

Works within same ecco file,  and works across different ecco files.  Works even across different ecco sessions for those running multi-session eccos.   Grab one or many items,  even items with internal MV images/DOCs/DjVus/PDFs, etc.,  and just copy & paste them where you want.

Title: Re: EM RSS Blog (notices, updates, etc..)
Post by Admin on 11/01/09 at 02:31:55

Not final but *very* nice,  updated instructions for MagicView in PDF format updated (

So much amazing stuff in MV... unverified file grounding *massively* sped up for speedy image downloading;  all kinds of fixes and improvements with internalized files & drag & drop file adding to ItemText box;  vastly simplified page sharing between multiple .eco files; and about 100 other features.  Instructions well worth a read.

Title: Re: EM RSS Blog (notices, updates, etc..)
Post by Admin on 11/02/09 at 16:31:26

Just some 'Ecco Talk' for anyone who wants to talk ecco:

Have noticed a real shift in how much minutia am currently saving with my ecco 'action' items.  Where used to try not to store 'too much' info (too keep file size down, not run out of item memory, etc.)  have noticed myself saving a HUGE amount of info in externally stored MV pages.  Sometimes the stored info is helpful,  probably have not even looked at info in most cases.  (but having the info saved may prove valuable in the future... we will see..)  

have accumulated in about 7,000 items with MagicView pages attached a staggering 14 GIGS of info & images, pdfs scans, etc...   [All seamlessly/instantly at fingertips in ecco with the 'action' items].

curious of others have noticed similar change.
From feedback,  seems that *vast* majority of (amazingly, the several thousand) MV users are 'new' ecco ers.    My guess is the RSS Blog is more attracting long time eccoians.   Be interested to hear feedback.

Title: Re: EM RSS Blog (notices, updates, etc..)
Post by Admin on 11/07/09 at 17:41:40

Note for developers (gomap, Pierre, ;)

the latest slang extension (at Yahoo Ecco_Pro forum files section),  allows (one item at a time),  grabbing RTF text based on item ID.

This will allow at least for now,  sync from eccoPro with RETAINED formatting.  (kind of nice.  THANKS SLANG!!).

hope helpful.

Title: Re: EM RSS Blog (notices, updates, etc..)
Post by gomap3 on 11/08/09 at 10:17:11


I requested this. We are progressing quickly into making a credible alternative.

Title: Re: EM RSS Blog (notices, updates, etc..)
Post by Admin on 04/16/13 at 04:59:42

Out with the old and in with the new ?

Came to this thread to add some update info for MagicView, and suddenly,  4 years worth of the thread have vanished.  Server issue ?

Since the purpose of the thread was RSS Blog updates... maybe clearing out the old is a wake up call for new ?


So much has happened in the past 4 years (of missing thread..)   gomap abandoned attempt at new ecco,  slang has vastly advanced the extension, and MagicView has evolved past version 8 with more than 45,000 users.  AMAZING.

here are recent MV updates and some history (with undocumented features),  to fill in some of the missing thread:

v8.40B - Added feature: Email object insertion to folder allows REPLACING file name with Prefix. (End prefix with "*").  4/16/13.

8.38B - Object copies to dropbox allowed for folder objects; Allows inserting objects & object links at clone items. 4/8/2013.

8.35B - Improve object copies to dropbox folders- over length filename spliced at center, not at start; improve .eml clips (retention of sender info, etc. w/ microsoft formatted email. 3/10/13.

8.32B - Improve auto-assign folder interaction w/ latest slang extension versions. 3/1/13.

8.31B - Bugfix inner textbox html corrections. 2/20/13.

8.30B - Improved integration with latest slang versions. 2/12/13.

8.25B - Fix * prefix on multiple object copies of MV objects out of ecco into external directory. 2/4/13.

v8.23B - Improved citation correction for clips from public case databases. 1/20/13.

v8.21B - Update: improved integration to copy to dropbox directories; file naming options w/ copy of embedded & linked MV objects and allowing *text prefix of names on copy.1/5/13.

8.20B - Update: Duplicate images, drag & drop files, emails, etc., no longer replace previously grounded file with same name.  Cost = more disk space taken for duplicate images from same sites.  Benefit = prior clips do not change when images later change & new clip is made with those images,  and,  each drag & drop will now add latest version of file/email, not replace previous. 12/5/12.

8.15B - Bugfix: previously viewed media objects no longer retained in background process. 11/28/12.

v8.14B - File > Favorites > Favorites Toggle menu itemcheck/unchecked based on state of active MV Page.  If multiple MV pages in combo view,  checked any page in set is in Favorites. Added Alt + T shortcut for Insert menu. 11/9/12.

v8.12B - Revised Insert & Formatting menu structure.  Format activated by Alt + A.   Insert > Objects menu (Alt + T) added to Edit menu.  11/4/12.

v8.04B - Update: WinKey + Control + Shift + R  (replace MV page with selected ecco items) updated for recent slang extension changes-- if slang 'copy with html javascript' is active,  that is used in MV page,  otherwise,  non-slang copy & outlining feature is used.  Drag-to-Dropbox folder now saved between sessions for each ecco file.   10/21/12.

v8.00B - Drop/Watch Folder saved between sessions for each ecco file; integration for pale moon browser; *undocumented feature* Holding shift key down while selecting "HTML Copy" (right click menu & Shift right click menu), will copy ENTIRE MV Page as HTML, instead of selected portion of page as HTML; Advanced Folder Options onfiguration option added to clip filenames in 8.3 DOS name format, speed improvements.  10/18/12.

v7.95B - Expanded internal link handling in clipped pages.  E.g., footnote linking. 9/20/12.

v7.90B - Added support for GreenBrowser, LunaScape Browser, and QupZilla Browser.  Improved support for Seamonkey.  9/14/12.

v7.88B - Added Config > Advanced Folder Options > Download via Explorer option.  Captures web pages via standard MS Internet Explorer reads in place of internal MV code.  9/2/12.

v7.85B - Added Auto-Backup of config settings & page history.  Settings & History saved every ten to fifteen minutes; URL to page improved for seamonkey users. 7/25/12.

v7.84B - Added Config > Advanced Folder Options > Fix clip citations.  Will correct to 'blue book' format citations clipped from various sources.  Because of unique use (jurisdiction and clip source), commercial registration can request upgrade for specific jurisdiction and citation source.  If practicable, with detailed information supplied by registrant, possible to customize for most clip sources and jurisdictional citation formats.  Mod: improved seamonkey integration. 7/9/12.

v7.81B - Mod: File > Export Group retains last export to folder (instead of reverting to .eco file folder); added option to strip scripts from Export (eg. prevent deframing page scripts, etc); Bugfix: remove extraneous coding fields from some export html pages, fix apparent hang on some group export dialog. 6/1/12.

v7.80B - Bugfix: eliminate hanging on come copy-to-children circumstances; SeaMonkey clips improved, including URL clips..  5/15/12.

v7.79B - Added Filter DropBoxed Filenames option (Advanced Folder Options) allows regex filter of file names inserted via dropbox.  Default filter is "s)^.*\}\s*|\.pdf*$|^.*\\\s*".  Can change filter by single line file (no return) in MV program directory named "MVFileTrim.ini".  Modified/Improved Control+F1 config. menu -- REQUIRES MANUAL CORRECTION OF SOME OPTIONS FROM PRIOR VERSIONS.  BugFix - Windows + Control + /  (and Phonebook or tree based quickview) now works correctly even in complex instances when used back and forth with multiple instances of ecco running at the same time). 4/24/12.

v7.77B - Mod: Control+Click on Dropbox (or shift or alt click) takes no action until watch folder explicitly set for active file (double click dropbox).  Each file linked to distinct watch folder. 3/22/12.

v7.76B - BugFix & Improving RawHTML view. 2/2/12.

v7.75B - New viewing option "Tree based Phonebook" in PBook mode, loads MV page of first item in tree that has MV page (from active item, searching parents upward) instead of direcly from phonebook parent.   Ie., children of MVPage will load that page if they have none of their own,  instead of just page of parent PB item.  Mod: Winkey + /  will be in PB mode if Phonebook based QuickView is active.  In such case, Control + Winkey + / will load from active item (not from PB).  Clipping dialog Configuration Options relocated to MV Pane Options panel (include simplified, universal right-left click, broad universal click, disable univ. clip, and disable all hotkeys). Note: Options changes disrupt some current settings and require review &  may require fixing of existing settings at first run after upgrade.  1/17/12.

v7.70B - Improved handling of dropbox handling of EMDF and EML files.  Improved EML conversion to MV PAGE.  EML Alt+shift (external) and EML control+shift (internal) now convert to MV page,  shift  & normal drag does not. 1/10/12.

v7.65B - Moved menu items "Lift a MultiView Item" and "Load Linked Page" to "File > Navigation" menu from File > Load menu.  Added hard 'n-tilde' to auto-corrections in Edit > Find > Aberrant Glyphs glyph correction. Improved handling of e-mail import special characters. 12/27/11.

v7.62B - Improved seamonkey integration. 12/14/11.

v7.60 - Fix: Configuration > Advanced Folder Options > Always ground pasted Duplicates now works properly for sub items. 12/7/11.

v7.56 - Fix to support bugs in some slang extension versions that could freeze on load; Improved support for seamonkey. 11/30/11.

v7.55 - MV pane minimized on screen clip to new item. 11/23/11

v7.54 - Dropbox watch directory now set per ecco file (with default of previously used directory if not set for any file). 11/14/11.

v7.52 - Mod: *undocumented feature: To reclaim memory on page clear, hold down both left & right control keys.  E.g., Control + Alt + D  with both left & right control keys.  Note: on some systems can cause MV instability that will require restarting MV.  Small bugfixes: Alt + Win + ?  direct linked object opening,  now works with previously problematic names. 11/6/11.

v7.51 - Improved e-mail drag. Large non-text blocks removed. 11/2/11.

v7.50 - Mod: Control + Alt + D (File > Clear page) now prompts to confirm only when page has changed.  Much less annoying!. 10/30/11.

v7.49 - Copy to Item (Control + Alt + Shift C) no longer sets internal page 'Title' to new item name. Control + Alt + D no longer does memory compression, unless both control keys (left & right) are held down. 10/24/11.

v7.47 - Mod: By popular demand, Winkey + Left Shift + Alt + Control + E now reverted to old behavior-- replaces MV page on selected item & adds text version of clip as sub item.  10/10/11.

v7.45 - Mods: Shift Key replaces Winkey as modifier to save html to MVActivePage. Winkey + Control + Shift + E now saves sections page (without grounding); Winkey + Shift + Alt + E now saves child w/ text and sub-child links list in ecco; Winkey + Left Shift + Alt + Control + E now saves text only sub.  10/8/11.

v7.44 - Upgraded SeaMonkey integration. Winkey+F12 Menu updated w/ Selection's page to new item. 10/6/11.

v7.43 - Right Click "Item Text:" & Control + Alt + I, improved 'show active file name" (helpful with multiple open ecco sessions or files).  Support added for Winkey+F12 menu in SeaMonkey Browser. 10/2/11.

v7.37 - Small bugfixes. Allow "]" in addition to "}" for number sequencing in clips from MV page to sub item. 9/18/11.

v7.36 - Added new feature *undocumented:  Holding the Winkey [updated in v7.45: to the Shift key] or Right mouse button down when selecting from the <F>ile menu  Export as Webpage exports to desktop filed named MVActivePage.html.  Winkey + Alt + Shift + Control S shortcut for same.  (For example, email program can have macro to attach the MVActivePage.html file,  allows quick sending of active page; other program /users can watch/display active page allows easy updating of current view; allows quick in-process backup of page in progress, etc.).  Bugfix: WatchFolder recursion fixed, linked file list reset when folder changes, any filed modified since link is added to top of list for linking. 7/26/11.

v7.33B - Bugfix: Rt. Click ecco menu MV Copy multiple linked objects copy fixed. Option added in MVCopy, *XXX as file name will append, instead of replacing, file name on copy. 7/21/11.

v7.32B - Per popular request, increased QuickView default timeout period by ten-fold. 7/11/11.

v7.31B - Alt-F3 Hilite index updated to eliminate short non-text hilite segments. 7/10/11.

v7.30B - Added new key features: (1) Dropbox enabled as folder watch box.  Double click dropbox to select watch folder.  Control + Click drop box to insert as object latest file in watch folder.  Each successive control + Click will insert next latest file.  When latest file is update, list resets. Alt + Click to move object to new folder, Shift + Control to internalize, Shift to save in .web folder. (2) MagicLinks page load added. Hotkey Winkey + Control + Alt + /  Grabs links in selected items to magic link items & loads the MV pages of those linked items.   A magic link to an item with a MV page works the same as adding the page as a mirror to the second item.  Multiple links can be grabbed as a multiview MV page. *(3) Undocumented expert feature to load Slang Column MagicLinks (Winkey + Alt + Control + . ).  Same as MagicLinks page load, but with slang columns structured as required for MagicLink Winkey + U cross reference function (see MagicLinks documentation).  Allows loading MV pages of items referenced in Slang linked columns.  Helpful it slang link column used to ID matter or project, as allows loading master page for any item marked for the matter/project. 7/9/11.

v7.27B - Hyperlinks activated for on-page links in clipped web pages.  Improved speed for hyperlinks, improved scope of hyperlinks in view mode.  View Mode hyperlink now resets horizontal scroll.  Hyperlinks for Word footnotes in View Mode (Alt+Click) activated.  Hyperlinks activated for Word footnotes and more webclips on drag & drop of texts to MV page and Winkey+Shift+C insertions into MV pages.  (Hyperlink = Alt + Click in Magic mode, Click or Alt-Click in View mode [depending on page source]).  7/3/11.

v7.22B - Color Background option added on right click for RTF, Text Boxes, and Columns.  Significantly improved  Ecco Data Links load speed.  Null option added to pulldown fields in reading data linked EM pulldowns.  Auto-expansion sizing improved on second monitor of angled multi-monitor dual desktop setups. 7/1/11.

v7.17B - Bugfix, ALT-F3 now also works in complex pages. 6/27/11.

v7.16B - Small bugfix, [F]ile > [E]cco Data Links > Merge from Active re-set to merge from active selection, not from viewpage's item. 6/16/11.

v7.15B - Small tweaks: Per requests, Alt-F4 replaces Alt+Shift+X to exit. Alt-F4 prompt on ext added to prevent closing when Alt-F3 hilight search intended.  Prefix text prompt allows "}X" shortcut to increase/decrease prefix count. Eg., "[100] " as prior prefix updated to [110] via prompt value of "}10" .  Control + Alt + F3 changed to "search" for Hilite text, Alt + F3 Jump to Hilite menu, and Shift + Alt + F3 next hilight.  6/9/11.

v7.14B - Added optional prompt for prefix text (Ctrl + F1 > MV Pane Options > Prompt Options > Child Clip Prefix) when clipping from MV Pane to child items.  Recode for major improvements in file system interface, eg., file/folder selection dialogue setup 1000x faster.  6/8/11.

v7.11B - Per popular request, Highlight & Text Color box selections are no longer cleared on MV program restart. 6/5/11.

v7.10B - "New Item from URL" now saves Office and media files (Flash, PowerPoint, Word, Excel, RealPlayer, MP3, AVI, Etc) from url (eg., to the ecco file's .web folder as linked object. 6/2/11.

v7.07B - MVClip (copy linked object's file names to clipboard) modified to standard list output.  For example, allows adding linked objects as attachments in TheBat! with 'mymacros' plugin via ||%_CB="%CLIPBOARD"%_CBL=%CountLines("%_CB")%For("1","%_CBL","XX","%%ATTACH=#%%GetLine('%%_XX','%%_CB')#")%-||. 5/30/11.

v7.02B - Added expanded support for FireFox vers. 4.  Small bug fix. 5/25/11.

v7.00B - Alt + F3 ("Edit > Find" menu) addition to find hilighted sections & Control + Alt + F3 Hilight index.  Allows instantly pulling up a jump index of all MV highlighted sections on a note or clipped webpage. Nice.  Small update with search results display. 5/12/11.

v6.92B - fix for some later slangextensions with regex bug on new item pastes: drag to dropbox additions now trigger all item text based rules. 4/24/11.

v6.91B - Added: to View > Template: (1) Display Other - Choose from templates in file to display as active viewpage; (2) Blank - remove all templating, and blank viewpage to white. Also some small bugfix. 4/8/11.

v6.84B - Added: Export selected item's pages (and objects), and Copy Selected (object) Links to File Menu & MV installer (external program) places right click and double clip options into ecco. 4/1/11.

v6.82B - Clipped pages added to history tape. 3/15/11.

v6.80B - Save last control+dropbox folder; Allow fuller folder choices on subsequent group exporting;  Ignore starting position for first search from newly loaded pages if search box open. 2/10/11.

v6.76B - fix mass grounding & resaving (was deactivated). 1/14/11.

v6.75B - fix annoying ok to search dialog when continuing search on new MV page. 1/11/11.

v6.73B - expanded maximum clip text width to 120 (was 80). 12/26/10 .

v6.72B  - Main Menu optimizations.  File > Strip  moved to Edit > Find & Replace; Tab/BackTap to Edit > Insert; Audio Recording menu re-order; other minor.  12/24/10.

v6.70B - Control key option for drop box- copies file to any folder  & then adds as linked object in MVpage. NICE!!. 12/12/10.

v6.69B -  Full browser support added for 'SlimBrowser browser'. 11/30/10.

6.68B - EML header now includes list of attachments included in original message, if any, upgrade registration for business use made easier. 11/27/10.

v6.66B - Drag text only EML to viewpage now includes extended headers as hidden private notes saved in view page.. 11/24/10.

v6.65B -  Winkey + Control + Shift G  web clip creates new web page as external disk file, not 'in ecco'.  11/18/10.

v6.64B - BugFix: Overly aggressive Compression was too aggressive in moving files to recycle bin on large item count eco files.

v6.63B - Improve EML drag & drop.  Retain most formatting.

v6.62B- Improved Global Grounding.  Eg., duplicate MV pages from one session of ecco to another now properly transfers externally stored pages from original to new .web folder without requiring manual grounding if 'always ground pasted duplicates' option set. Improved 'slow machine' file reconnection when duplicating between different ecco sessions on slow system.

v6.61B - Add option Copy Child to Viewpage Child option.  Allows Control+Alt + C copy to child of viewpage instead of copy to active item (default if option not selected). NICE!

v6.60B - Add support for drag & drop EML files into MV pane (in addition to existing support for drag to itemText or dropbox.  Will pull key fields & html, or include full text eml.)

v6.57B - Fix Multi-direct view with attached & linked files.  Now opens multiple files to external viewers if multiple selected & direct view activated.  Requires first MV page in selection be linked/attached file else opens all in browser view.


Title: Re: EM RSS Blog (notices, updates, etc..)
Post by Admin on 05/24/13 at 06:15:41

Just to note update of MagicMerge, adding some depth to high-end internal Word merge features, improved instructions on how to use the advance merge features, and some small bug-fix.

All in all,  MagicMerge is a pretty cool tool.

May open board for sharing MagicMerge templates..

Title: Re: EM RSS Blog (notices, updates, etc..)
Post by Admin on 12/28/13 at 17:13:29

End of year update on EccoMV developments:

v8.50B - Added Memory Stability option [smiley=thumbsup.gif]. 12/09/13.

v8.48B - improved font size slider, scale 1-4 and with shift sale 1-7 at step 2. 11/13/13.

v8.47B - improve stability; improve email drag & drop. 10/20/13.

v8.45B - improved email drag & drop handling. 9/12/13.

v8.44B - updated new item from URL where url is .aspx pointing to a pdf. 8/1/13.

v8.42B - updated .web folder override; mass object drag & drop adds all items to same location even if other items manually selected while load in progress. 6-6-13

Title: Re: EM RSS Blog (notices, updates, etc..)
Post by Admin on 03/25/14 at 03:35:58

Latest MV updates:

v8.57B - Fix expanding quote and copr's bug. 03-20-2014.

v8.56B - Added integration for TIF objects. 02-20-2014 .

v8.54B - Complex HTML / EML disappearing letters bugfix. 01-24-2014.

v8.52B - Moving to new item while help displayed ignores help text in view; New helpfile revisions including more previously undocumented features.. 12-25-2013.

Title: Re: EM RSS Blog (notices, updates, etc..)
Post by Admin on 02/22/17 at 06:53:26

Latest MV updates:

v8.69B - Added URL filter for direct downloads to fix google scholar error. You can create regex filter in MVURLFilter.ini  to change fix auto-url load problems.  So, e.g., Win+Control+Shift E (or G) will download entire page and selected text becomes text of ecco item.    2/22/17.

v8.67B - Added shift on dropbox menu (View > Dropbox) to  to REBUILD dropbox if image corrupted 8/30/15.

v8.66B - Added 'New View Page' to right click tray icon functions. 8/5/15.

v8.65B - Right Click on Item Text label, brings up Advanced Data location options menu;  Shift right click to bring up active file name directly.

v8.64 - Update help; File Export as Webpage renamed File Export as HTML.  Shortcut for same does quicksave if right click button is also pressed.  Internal code fixes/mods. 4/26/2015.

8.63B - Fix grounding with on the fly switching between multiple ecco sessions and files.

v8.60b - Fixed nasty phonebook and tree based page load overwrite bug.  07/14/2014.

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