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Message started by Admin on 01/15/08 at 17:49:43

Title: Hijack!, Hoist, Move, & Gather
Post by Admin on 01/15/08 at 17:49:43

Something special.  Important, *very* useful outlining features that had been missing from Ecco.   Missing no longer.   Now you can have instant power to Hijack!, Hoist, Move, and Gather items.

In addition to each function's own hotkey,  you can quickly get a feel of the functions using the magicHijack!  global menu key:

                 Winkey + Alt + Shift + H



Hijack! ?

You can instantly hijack any sub-item(s) and make them TRUE TOP LEVEL ITEMS in their own view.  From there you can edit, print, and even export.    You can control the numbering and formatting as you desire.   You can *instantly* hijack and restore any item.

Want to calmly edit a sub-item detached from it's parent ?

Want to print out a sub-sub-sub item and have it start on the left side of the page ?

Well,  now you can,  instantly:  WinKey + Alt + H

Hoist ?

From anywhere, allows you to instantly hoist any item.   Also allows you to hoist any item's parent, or the TLI of any item.

Want to see or edit a calendar item's parent or siblings.   Do it instantly ?

Want to see two items from diverse parts of your outline side by side ?

Want to isolate an item, and still have the item remain in the outline at it's normal position ?

Search for a term (or search and replace) just in one portion of your outline ?

Want to jump to the TLI of any calendar item ?

Want to have a notebook open with a list of items on one side of the screen, and a phonebook form open on the other side,  and be able to instantly pull up any item(s) in the phonebook form (even if the items are not part of the phonebook) ?

Well,  now you can:  WinKey + Ctrl + H

Move ?

Allows you to mark, and then move one (or bulk) items from anywhere to anywhere.   You can automatically remove TLI's original parent checkmark folder (for example, move out of in-box and remove the in-box folder association to the item).

You will be surprised how much you missed this feature (even without knowing it) once you've tried it.

For example,  dragging a sub-item from one folder to be a sub-item in another folder on the other side of a split view, or moving one calendar item to be the sub-item of another, was not possible before.  With magicMove!,  now its easy!

Gather ?

Allows you to mark items *as you go along* (as easy as control+clicking on them) and then gather them together-- wherever you choose.

Of course,  you can also gather your set of marked items with a Hoist! should you desire.

Send To ?

Thumbtack any item,

and then send any other item(s) to it.    Just that easy.

Please see the program instructions (Click on Tray Icon) for more features & details!


Title: Re: Hijack!, Hoist, Move, & Gather
Post by Admin on 10/23/08 at 01:40:20

Example 1

Example of a couple of features:

In large frame is example of using customized Phonebook form (as many as you like possible) to view & edit folders of a NON-PHONEBOOK ITEM.

Smaller frames show example of  'Deep Item'  hijacking,  allowing you to work on a sub-sub-sub item as a private TLI (top level item).

ps: if unclear on using any feature even after reading magicHoist!'s built in instructions,  feel free to post your question in 'How do I' forum.

Title: Re: Hijack!, Hoist, Move, & Gather
Post by Admin on 05/13/09 at 16:34:24

A few additional features include:

                 * Hotkey context views for items, parents, and TLIs.

                 * 'Move parent to sibling of its children', and

                 * First sub-item promotion with sibling inheritance.

Title: Re: Hijack!, Hoist, Move, & Gather
Post by Admin on 08/14/16 at 11:15:00

New/Extended Feature:

   Multiple Thumbtacks !!.

       You can select multiple ecco items (at the same time or sequentially),  as 'thumbtacked' items.   Then, when you send any item(s) to those Thumbtacks.   A popup menu allows you to select which thumbtack to send the currently selected item(s) to.

       Allows using ecco items essentially like 'send to' folders.    Is very, very cool.   [smiley=thumbsup.gif]

This allows you to use Outline ITEMS as folders for parsing out other items.  

A similar solution using the slang extension is found at

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