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Message started by Admin on 10/31/07 at 18:47:23

Title: More on multi-view folder columns (subfolders)
Post by Admin on 10/31/07 at 18:47:23


I like the way your mind thinks!

this is something I've also thought about,  and here is about the current bottom line:

pop-ups don't use *any* global memory.   BUT,  they are limited to only 255 or so items,  and you can only choose 1 item per folder.

Text folders use up a FULL global memory unit,  even if holding only a few bytes.

can use text folders *like* a pop-up  (many use macros for the pop-up selection)  and just join with a "," the multiple selections.

We could have a tool to do this  (auto pop-up a list,  allow multiple selections,  and then put them in the text field).. but  seems like a huge waste of global memory since

checkbox folders can be used with a 'subfolders' view column,  that gives a scrolling list of up to (8,000 or so if memory serves) folders per column.  you can use Alt+Letter to jump to particular item,  so actually works pretty nicely.

You can add items in folder view at will... so ... once you get used to the idea  it's pretty easy.


it could be possible to do a tool that simulates a popup box based on what folders are checked...

you could add or remove entries at will... (so long as total text stays within a single memory block in the 16bit ecco internal structure (ie. under 64k of data,   likely 1/2 or 1/3 that depending on how structured,  say 16k of total text, or 24k at at the most)  )

but to search, filter etc.  you would have to deal with the underlying checkbox folder structure.

so that... in the end... what was really gained over the very cool existing "subFolder"  (via Columns>Properties)

>I'm beginning to study Ecco again after a long hiatus, so perhaps I haven't stumbled on how to do this yet.
>What I would like to see is a pop-up style column that allows you to select more than one value.  Let's say you have defined a list of attributes that you would like to assign to an item and more than one "attribute" applies.
>I know you can do something similar using checkmark columns, but I'd rather be able to do it from a drop down list that I can add to as I go along.  The number and width of numerous checkmark columns would become unmanageable and hard to read very soon.
>If you think about it, these are two seperate types of "pop-up lists" - both having their potential uses and benefits.  If the ability is not there, I think it would be a valuable addition to Ecco.

Title: Re: More on multi-view folder columns (subfolders)
Post by Admin on 10/07/08 at 13:53:57

you can set up a folder with multiple sub-folders (tens of thousands if you want)

select the properties for the main folder in folder display (right click on the folder column header box at top,  or with column selected in outline  Column > Properties), and check 'sub folders'

you can filter any view based on the selection of any of the sub folders, etc.


--- In, jknetaoins <no_reply@...> wrote:
> Hi all
> I use ecco as a sort-of GTD organiser, using one of the available
> templates.
> Something I would like the ability to do is 'tag'' entries with
> multiple tags. This is the sort of thing the various 'tiddlywiki'
> programs out there allow you to do.
> I imagine this feature as being like a folder of pop-up items, except
> that it's allowable to have multiple items in the list selected. Then
> (for instance) I could sort for entries matching one or more items
> from the list.
> It doesn't have to be an actual column like this, of course. I can
> think of a few ways of doing something similar, but wondered if other
> people already had ways of doing this for themselves.

ps: you can also open the Folder pane, (View > Folder Window)  and manually add items to folders.   Ctrl + A will shift you back and forth,  either space > cursor down > enter    or  click on box next to folder and select Add ....

you can mark multiple folders using control + click to select  (or shift + click)  and add all those folders to item (or multiple items)  at same time.

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