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Message started by Admin on 10/31/07 at 18:45:22

Title: \b and regex questions..
Post by Admin on 10/31/07 at 18:45:22

\b should (ie. is supposed) to work ...

(but is not right now.... use \B instead [which should be opposite of \b... but isn't..])

PCRE is.... 100% a proper reference (maybe!).   In some versions of the extension this is the regex engine.  

current engine is actually

and where

\b should mean "a BREAK in the TYPE of character".   \w = a-zA-Z_0-9   being next to anything that is not one of these is a "\b" moment.

note.. if \b is before say !  then  a 'break in the type of character'  would be the opposite.. ie.  if a letter or number was there...

ie. ie.   what the character to the left (or right)  has to be,  depends on the 'class' of character being tested in the regex.      it defines the point of BOUNDARY between different 'classes'.

for some reason that is what \B is meaning right now,  and \b is not supported..

(this may or may not continue in future)....

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