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Message started by Admin on 10/31/07 at 03:54:11

Title: EccoMagic's XP/Vista/Win7/Win8/Win10  EZ EccoPro Install
Post by Admin on 10/31/07 at 03:54:11

.  If you need to install EccoPro in XP/VISTA/Win7/Win8/Win10 and the normal setup32.exe install (also available in another board of this forum) doesn't work for you... this should!

(At present there is an 'install' package available on another site with corruption issue.   Reinstall using this .zip may help.   For files created with corruption from the corrupted install set,  if you have strange problems such as inability to print, memory errors, etc., the EM Advanced Diagnostics Toolkit can help)

Just click here, unzip into any directory and run!  [smiley=thumbup.gif] (

Extensively tested,

in case it helps you...

Everything goes on one Directory.   Reg file is set up for that one directory to be c:\Program Files\EccoPro\

May not require the reg file to run,  and, may not require install (in XP) in "c:\Program Files\EccoPro\" to use with reg file.  In 64 bit Vista be sure to install in Vista's special folder area for 32 bit programs.  In 64 bit Win7 or Win8, generally best NOT to install in 'special' 32 bit directory,  rather, install in 'regular' folder such as "c:\Program Files\Ecco32\".

Ecco32.exe  is the program to run  (main ecco file)


1.  Unzip to your computer.  In 32 bit XP, this may be to *ANY* directory you choose.   The .reg file is set up to work with directory 'c:\Program Files\EccoPro\' so if you want to be 100% 'sure',   SIMPLY UNZIP THE 'ECCOPRO' DIRECTORY (COMPLETE WITH FILES AND SUBDIRECTORIES, JUST AS IT IS)  ONTO THE 'C:\PROGRAM FILES'  DIRECTORY ON YOUR COMPUTER, ie. so the directory 'c:\Program Files\EccoPro' is created and contains the files & directories contained in 'EccoPro' in the zip file).

2. Double click on the 'EccoPro.reg'  file and choose 'Install'  or 'Add information to registry'.  (You can also run the EccoPro.reg from within Ecco as a launch,  doing so one time will install registry entries properly in most cases.)

3. You are done. Simply run ecco32.exe  which is "Ecco Pro".    (You can make a shortcut,  or add to your start menu as you desire.  

That's all.....!   [smiley=thumbsup.gif]

Please report back...


I downloaded your zip file, installed it and it seems to be running perfectly on my vista machine.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.  By the way, perhaps you should note that your software comes complete:   It contains the Ecco software, so I found it was helpful to delete all traces of Ecco that were on my (failed) attempt to use setup32.  After installation of your file, I copied an actual data file from another computer, and so far it is working great.  Thank you, thank you.

by the way, I did not have to fiddle with my registry in any way.

Jim Rooney

recap of instructions:

everything goes into one directory.    and ecco32.exe should run once files are copied to that directory.

likely can be anywhere,  but if not work...

then... should go to c:\Program Files\EccoPro\


double click to run the ".reg" file  and "Import" the values if prompted.


(ps: If you distribute any part of this file,  please attribute it... ie.

Title: Re: EccoMagic's own::  XP/Vista EZ Install
Post by Admin on 03/08/09 at 10:09:43

[timestamp=1236524754] Updated to include Sheri's pulldown dialog expansion fix.  (See  

To remove this fix just delete the "ecco32.exe.manifest" file.  
(Fix is 100% virus free and does not change any of the ecco program coding).

[edit]Also fixed the four templates in \Template sub-folder.  The original templates were corrupted as shipped from NetManage. EM-ADT was used to fix & re-test.[/edit]

Title: Re: EccoMagic's own::  XP/Vista EZ Install
Post by Admin on 04/23/09 at 19:49:54

I have really looked and can't seem to find whether I need to change my default.ect after downloading and installing this forum's EccoPro EZ installer on my Vista machine.
I figure that whoever made the program available fixed any issue before they uploaded it to the forum
Am I right?.


This zip contains the updated default.ect,  and updates of all the other template.ect  files in the package.

Title: Re: EccoMagic & Friends ::  XP/Vista EZ Install
Post by Admin on 11/05/09 at 19:26:21

Gary E. notes for Palm syncers
NOTE: it is REQUIRED that the Ecco-PalmSync registry entries use Application0,
Application1, Application2, and Application3 which is why renaming anything else
in the registry occupying those is necessary.

Note:  If non-obvious, the PalmConduit.reg file is for Palm sync.

Title: Re: EccoMagic's XP/Vista/Win7  EZ EccoPro Install
Post by Admin on 08/16/10 at 08:47:18

Example install for Win 7 :

Hi...just reinstalled ECCOPro (again)and noted the following:

1) used the updated installer EccoPro_4.01_UpdatedInstall.exe from ECCO Magic
Forum post below:;action=display;num=11938\

2) copied my back up toolbar files ecco.cfx and ecco.fdb to Windows directory
but ECCO still showed blank Toolbar. Found that the file is now located here.
The ecco.alm file is also here:

C:\Documents and Settings\My Name\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Windows

so I copied my back up files to this location and it worked,

3) shooter did not work in Firefox. I edited the registry entry
...Netmanage\ECCO\ECCO and added Firefox with code 906, and the shooter worked
from FF. See the TECHINFO.ECO file that came with ECCO for more on how to edit
the registry.

4) downloaded file WinHlp32.exe in order to get ECCO help file to work.

Hope this helps with your upgrade to Windows 7.


Note: WinHlp32.exe is available here (

Title: Re: EccoMagic's XP/Vista/Win7/Win8  EZ EccoPro Install
Post by Admin on 02/27/17 at 13:01:18

Slang Extension from ecco_pro yahoo forum.


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