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Title: Guide to the Perplexed  
Post by Admin on 10/31/07 at 02:48:18

So many utilities and add-ons!   Where to start ?!!!          
Easy answer:  TRY THEM ALL!!!          
The vast majority of the software is freeware,  and well worth looking at each one to see what it does and if you might need it!          
           Some helpful notation to the forum:
                         :exclamation      diagnostic tools and utilities

                          :lamp      innovative breakthrough
                         [smiley=thumbup.gif]      *highly* recommended extensions ::
                                   fundamentally change the way you use Ecco
                         :D      incredibly helpful freeware
                         ;)       'specialty' solutions
                         :)      other great stuff !
Background  &  Tips:
     Divided below into four sections,  "Getting Started", "Adding Super-Powers", "More Powers, Tools, and Solutions" and "TOOLS FOR ECCOEXPERTS".

Mini FAQ:

     The vast majority of tools are Freeware,  and ALL of the downloadable tools allow an extensive free/trial period.   If you download a file and it seems like it is requesting registration prior to use,  just send a (;to=admin) to the board Admin to get an activation key.

     All of the software here is 100% spyware/adware free.   Because the add-ons work by hooking into ecco,  programs such as ZoneAlarm, etc.,  may post a notice that the EccoMagic program is trying to 'spy' on user activity, etc.    Since the tools need to 'attach' themselves to Ecco,  you need to 'ALLOW' the programs for them to work!

     Most of software requires no installation or de-installation.  In most cases, simply rename the program (remove the _file) extension and run it.  If you need help removing the _file extension, you can use this freeware tool ( Those programs which save any system modifications to disk (such as LightenUp!, which modifies your ecco32.exe file [recommended!]) include "undue" software in their thread to undue the modifications should you desire.  Most tools can be added to the ecco tool bar (

     The download link for tools is usually located on the left side of the screen at the bottom of the thread's first post,  right next to the paperclip graphic: .

     There is more than one page to the "EccoTools" forum,  and some exciting and cool software is included also on pages beyond the first. To access the 'advanced' paging tab in the eccoTools forum click on the small "" button on the left side of the page just above or below the thread listings.  (You can also view all of the eccoTools threads in a single list by clicking here (

     Share your questions, comments, suggestions and requests here (

Title: Guide to the Perplexed :: GETTING STARTED
Post by Admin on 11/08/07 at 14:54:02


     EccoMagic's XP/Vista/Win7  EZ EccoPro Install (  FREEWARE.  If you want a simple, fast, and EZ way to install EccoPro (without corrupted files),  or if want to install Ecco software onto a single directory,  or need to install Ecco Pro in XP/VISTA/WIN7 and the normal install (Setup32.exe) (also available in another board of this forum) doesn't work for you... this should do it!  (and... it's FREE!).  Just 'unzip' and run!

     EMT Default Template Corruption Fix (  FREEWARE.  This is a critical update,  is easy and painless, and *highly* recommended for *everyone* who has not updated yet.  This effects every file you create with EccoPro.   (NOT needed if you install or re-install via EccoMagic's own XP/Vista EZ Install.)  With any other install (including original disks),  replace the "default.ect" file from the main eccopro program directory (where ecco32.exe resides) with the file you download.

     LightenUP!   Icon refresher ( is a subtle, but amazingly nice refresher for the EccoPro look and feel.  Changes out the old, 'heavy', 1990's style item tags for light, fresh, unobtrusive Windows7 style tags.   Freeware.  *Highly* recommended.      

     eccoMAGIC EZ Workgroups Creation (  If you want to create a networked ecco.. and are having trouble... this is the first stop.  Allows EZ Creation of 'ecco' workgroups.  and,  it's FREE!!!

Title: Guide to the Perplexed  ::  ADDING SUPER-POWERS
Post by Admin on 11/08/07 at 14:55:16

     eccoMAGIC! ("Classic") (  (copy and paste)  is the program that started the 'ecco revolution' in a new era of add-ons and extensions. If you have use to for example, copy and paste an item with its folder values (even across different Ecco instances), quick copy an item's folder value(s), quick copy the total folder value(s) of selected items, insert multi-lined text into a single item, or copy selected items without including sub-items (, this is a tool for you.  Also allows you to copy just the names out of a phonebook search, and to paste *anywhere* with full control over spacing of multi-lined pastes into a single item  (ie. pasting as one block,  as paragraph blocks, as extended space blocks), will even insert a block *into* an existing item, block, or line,  and allows you to highlight  areas of an outline and extract only the top level items for each area highlighted --  you will love and very much enjoy this tool. Also, if you want to clip just text from web pages and paste into ecco, automatically including the clip's URL address and links list, eccoMAGIC will give you reason to smile.                
It's super easy to learn and use,  and a great place to start if you are not using the 'slang extension'.                
     Hijack!, Hoist, Move & Gather (  Invaluable extension adding extended powers to the EccoPro outliner features. Easily mark any item(s) and gather them together at (or under) any line in your outline.  View and edit calendar items in their context. Instantly move any item or line under another (even two calendar items, and even multiple items from different views). Collect multiple items to move (*in the order selected*) with a keyboard hotkey or control-right click.  Hijack! any part of any outline and make it (until you release it) a Top Level Outline in it's own view. Allows you to *easily* move or gather lines from diverse places in an outline.  Or, thumbtack anywhere (in any view including the phonebook and calendar), and then send items to there from anywhere in the outline. Use 'phonebook forms' with any notepad item.  View and print outline sub-sections as independent outlines. Gather one or more items from where-ever to where-ever.  Or, mark one or more thumbtack items and then 'throw' items to any thumbtack location.   Easy, smooth, and incredibly helpful.   And more...and more...*HIGHLY* recommended.                      
     MagicView ( Attach PDF or other files to or inside of ecco.  Clip Webpages as text, live pages, or images. Gather information and/or take notes. Adds a live edit HTML/RTF/Graphics/Documents pane for ecco (  Integrated web clipper.  View and attach notes, web pages, email, graphics, video, documents, spread sheets, even live screen clips directly to ecco items. Encrypt, link, cross reference, and share the notes/clips between ecco items and files.  Also, attach live view PDF, DjVu, DOC, XLS, EML, MP3, AVI, MHT, ZIP, and similar files directly to ecco items. Will comfortably save over 1G of over 30,000 text/RTF/HTML clips internally per ecco file, and over 800 Tetrabytes externally. Live-clip Pages are viewed and editable live just like normal ecco column values and clip editing is integrated with the ecco outline. Copy clip sections directly as new outline sub-items,  or move selected outline section into clip, etc..   Easily append, modify, export, and print saved pages and page groups.  Active direct 'WSIWYG' live highlighting, indexing, outline numbering, block math, private notes, etc..  

Clips can be shared in real-time within networked .eco files and exported (with all view pages including attached PDF, DjVu, Spreadsheets, etc.) to outlines viewable from any web browser.  Files and pages of any type, even 'live' zip files, can be securely encrypted (Microsoft 192/256 bit AES strong encryption) and stored inside Ecco (up to 8 Megs per clip) or in a linked ".web" directory.  

Fully compatible with existing Ecco files. Move around, organize, and access huge blocks of data using very small tag lines. Have Hundreds of Megs of data stored in ecco, and hundreds of Gigs externally stored (seamlessly attached to up to 30,000 ecco items), and have Ecco orderly, responsive, and downright fun to use. *HIGHLY* recommended, an essential extension.

     EM Screen II Ecco (  is a *very* neat FREEWARE tool that empowers one-click instant capturing of screen clips directly into any Ecco file.

     MagicMerge (for MS Word) ( allows instant merging and E-Mailing of merged output directly from Ecco into any Word document. Simply open any Ecco file,  manually select items,  or use any selection filter or query in the phone book, or use any view's items and/or TLIs, and instantly "Merge!" (or print, or email) with any MS Word document or Dot file. Multiple date format options for Ecco date folder, and other special features enabled. (Includes also an amazingly helpful tool for efforless building of MS Word templates using Ecco folders as 'instant insert' merge fields).  *Highly Recommended*.          

     eccoMAGIC MEMORY REPORTER (  Long time Ecco User ?   This is for you!!!   It will tell you the key status of your older (and newer) files. Using this once a while with your files will end most errors and memory problems for you. It's FREEWARE, simple to use,  and *HIGHLY* recommended. Very much worth reading the instructions included in the forum for this tool.          
     magicLINKS ( A helpful tool for cross-referencing and linking ecco items.  Instantly view all items linked to any reference in the phonebook or viewpad ( Allows linking one or more phone book entries to multiple tasks,  linking followup tasks to unrelated call notes, cross-referencing related items from different parts of an outline, etc. Recommended for those not using the slang extension, or desiring extra indexing features.      

     EccoFileMagic (  Significantly increases the ease and pleasure of using Ecco for power users. If you've ever been annoyed trying to switch between files,  or views,  or scrolling or adjusting the column view, etc.,  this is your tool. Makes working with multiple files & multiple views a breeze. Open any active ecco file-- from anywhere.  Switch back and forth between two files.  Scroll through your views and open files ( Access your 100 most recent files ( Fold & unfold of outline sub levels. Scroll your columns, scroll the displayed folder tabs. View notepads as a selection list,  or jump to up to 20 viewpads with the ecco Alt+view# shortcut ( Adjust column width instantly,  clear calendar lower pane,  etc. Restores missing ecco shortcuts for missing features in XP/Vista. Adds non-destructive hotkey to phonebook, ecco text voice reader (, and experimental but cool features like calendar column shrinker, experimental framed view for multi columns and folder info, and more. Even allows instant 'verticalization' of a second viewpane ( Recommended for power & long time ecco users.  Essential for those using multiple files.   If you rely on ecco-- you'll very, very much enjoy this tool.                      
     Magic Date eXPressions-- NEVER CALCULATE CALENDAR DAYS BY HAND AGAIN! ( Astoundingly powerful tool that at the same time it radically simplifies how you enter dates, gives you complete, exact control over your date scheduling,  interpreting and calculating from your explanation in conceptual terms of the date desired.. At first it seems rather complex,  and the raw power of the date expressions overwhelming. But,  is very much worth the time to explore and master.  It really is EASY.          
Allows entering dates by shorthand and by concept. Entering a deadline 3 days from now is as easy as "3".   A deadline falling on the first Monday (or non-holiday if that Monday is a holiday) 45 days from some other date ? "44d nM $" (or "44 days next Monday $").   2 weeks from now.. "2w".   2 weeks and 3 days "2w3d".  Long and shorthand work just the same:  "July 11 + 120", "next Wednesday"  or "nwe".  "2 days from now" or "2", "last thursday"  or "lth"... etc. Even "2 months 3 weeks -2 days" from now or any date.   Or, for example, you can effortlessly enter dates relative to the last date you entered simply by typing "}". If  the last date you entered was  "10/2/2010",  "}" gives "10/2/2010",  "}3" would give "10/5/2010", and "}3" after that "10/8/2010".          
If you work with dates, EM-XP will quickly become your best friend. Accounting and law offices can, for example, instantly schedule for the 15th of the month for the first month 45 days from next wednesday. And, EccoMagicXP is ACCURATE! Hundreds and hundreds of hours have gone into testing.... that the day you enter in your expression... is the day you have set for your item.          
Expressions can be memorized as macros and 'stacked'. The deadline above could be instantly memorized "<answer>=",  and thereafter, "[answer]" used to automatically compute the date. As easy as "last wed [answer]" sets the deadline (legal holidays and all) based on last Wednesday!  Support is included for any alternative calendaring system the mind can imagine,  and examples for US Federal legal holidays, and the Hebrew Calendar (with holidays) are included. An unlimited number of sets of memorized dates and/or holidays can be instantly loaded and saved-- right in your Ecco file. By default, EccoMagic XP uses the same date formatting as your eccoPro (US or European style).          
EM-XP also has many 'bonus' features to support the date expressions: Shorthand keys for short date (2/11/09), long date (February 2, 2009), time (12:12a), a single key context  and duplicate item search,  safe shortcut key access to multiple files (Application key + number),  and more. *HIGHLY Recommended*.      

     TaskMaster ( An amazingly helpful utility to automatically activate each 'next-step' (or next steps) of projects when the prior step (or steps) are completed (  Allows structuring of project's to-do steps automatically by using ecco's outline structure.  Allows combining multi-leveled items and sub items in the same task process. Simple to use and Highly Recommended for those who use project to-do lists.  Projects broken down in ecco outline format are tasked one (or more) item(s) at a time, and when completed, the next task(s) in the outline for the project is/are automatically activated for action.  Project steps can be complex and detailed, with hundreds of projects active.  Yet, the 'tickler' to-do list is always manageable,  never overwhelming, and the step-by-step working thought complex projects is made enjoyable, low-stress, and highly effective.            

     Ecco MagicFilter and Search ( An easy to use tool to have the Scratch view open (with MFilter folder) and use an outline of every folder & subfolder to instantly pull up any items from one or more folders.  Works like MAGIC in finding a few items linked to folders in a large/complex folder tree structure.  Is very cool.   This tool will also: (1) Find the intersect points between data in different folders; Instantly filter items from the sub-folders of a folder in a single click; Filter based on folder structure and contexts (, based on any of a group of folders being assigned to an item-- or at least one folder in each selected folder group (among multiple groups); Create instant on-the-fly 'ALL' or 'ANY' filters just by checking the desired folders in the folder outline; Filter based on actual item values (native ecco filters apply if an item's parents combined values match the filter criteria) -- MagicFilter filters apply only if an item itself has the desired folder values; Freely combine MagicFilters with native ecco filters, and update the MagicFilter portion 'on-the-fly'.  (2) SEARCH: Append new searches to the Phonebook view. Search (or filter) based on CURRENTLY ( VIEWED or SELECTED items ( narrow searches to primary topics. Recommended for those who use tags or data intersect points and those needing to search text at higher outline levels. The MFilter folder contains the result of the combinations selected from the tool's folder outline.  You can use that MFilter folder as a filter to filter any view and Change that view on-the-fly.   Works amazingly with folders containing a handful of items you are looking to locate.  Is not designed for folders with a large number of items, and will be slow to use on such folders. Is designed for complex folder structures where you want to be able to grab the items from one or more folders.  Folders can be selected with all subs (shift-click), and folder names can be found in the outline or by tying in the first few letters of the folder name.



Title: Guide to the Perplexed :: SPECIALTY TOOLS
Post by Admin on 11/09/07 at 06:46:00


     EM Cute Yellow Icon 'FREESTYLE' :: Files in drag ( is a *very* nice FREEWARE tool, if your like drag & drop or don't have a simple way to insert file names into Ecco.  The tool gives you a 'cute yellow Ecco' icon which you can turn on and off (just click tray icon).   By dragging files (together or in sequence-- see the instructions) onto the icon,  links to the files can be directly added as new ecco items, added to clipboard for pasting via Ctrl+V, or added to the "SourceFile" folder of the active ecco item.          
     EM Scroll Wheels ( or EM-TrackScroller ( are popular tools for easy scrolling.   What Scroll Wheels does *special* is allow you to scroll multiple panes without moving the mouse.  Simply press the shift and/or control keys to scroll different panes.  Easy, nice.  If you don't have a scroll wheel, "TrackScroller" does the same thing... either from a touchpad, an acu-point stick, or even... just from the keyboard!!   No other software or driver is necessary.   You can even use it with a USB plugin keyboard/device with an acupoint stick or even a thumbwheel!          

     Outline ZOOM & EditMagic (  to instantly bring your ideas into focus.  Divide your ideas and workflow into as many sublevels as you want, and ZOOM in anywhere, as if it were a top level item.  Instant activate/de-activate magicEdit mode to simplify block editing-- enter acts as an enter, tab as a tab, etc.  Nice!

     EM Advanced Diagnostics Toolkit ( ("HelpWare") to help diagnose and repair folder and hidden ecco file corruption issues.  Also creates templates (removes non-excluded data and retains structure), captures folder rules, etc.  *Critical* to read *fully* the instructions *before* use.

     Number It! (  is a tool for auto-numbering the items belonging to any view, or selected items; and auto re-numbering any desired folders. If you need this, you know it and you'll love it. Allows organizing items in a view and locking in their order. Allows having a fixed order of tasks, manually adding, removing, and re-ordering the tasks, and then auto re-numbering the tasks starting from 1. Different folders can maintain separate priority listings simultaneously. Recommended to those who specifically need this functionality, it is life changing and incredibly helpful. If you want to maintain explicit ordering of to do task lists, this is for you.

     EM 'multi-monitor syndrome' magic fix (  is relevant for a growing number of multi-monitor system setups which experience a problem with eccoPro's pop-ups on the wrong monitor.  If that applies to you,  you will *love* this fix.

     FREEWARE Instant Activate Backround Color Printing ( is a pretty cool program if the feature it gives interests you.   When printing with a color printer,  instead of just printing colored text in color,  it prints the background of the text in color-- a color hilight!   The color is determined by the color of the first character of each item printed.   Simple,  cool if you like the feature, and... FREE!

     FREEWARE EM-WA   (WinKey Alternative) ( FREEWARE.  If you don't have a WinKey on your machine,  here,  have one on us!

     FREEWARE EM-EccoExt Beginner Mode Enabler (  FREEWARE.  The slang extension can sometimes be *mighty* confusing for new users or non-programmer types.  This free utility can ease the strain, and make using the slang extension *much* easier and trouble free for new users.            

     FREEWARE EM Slang RTF Outline Copier (  FREEWARE.  Copies selected items as RTF OUTLINE.  Requires Slang extension.

     EM Vista CFX Finder (Beginner toolbar fix help Tool) (  FREEWARE.  Locates the directory where the toolbar configuration file is stored (so you can make backups, restore, etc.).  

     Show Me Slang Tool (  10 YEAR PERSONAL FREE TRIAL PERIOD.  If you've closed Ecco to a tray icon and windows explorer crashes, will restore your ecco.   If you need it,  you'll be very happy you found it.    

     SlangScramble Preventor :: a/k/a paranoid anti-scrambler protection (  Freeware.  While active,  turns off the slang tool's scramble database feature.

     EccoMagic OFFLINE documentor ( ::  Available commercially upon request,  allows downloading most any forum into an Ecco outline.   Used to create the (freeware) single .eco archive files available in the file section of the Yahoo! Ecco_Pro forum.

     CopySafe :: Fix for ecco 'sometimes doesn't copy' bug ( ::  Freeware tool to fix issue on some systems causing ecco's copy to not always add the copy to the system clipboard.  Works nice, if you need it.

     Disconnection Preventor ( ::  Specialty tool that prevents users connected to sync and shared files from accidentally disconnecting from the master.  For networked admins where this is an issue for some users,  this tool is for you.  

     EM Certified Word Count ( ::  Specialty commercial tool that certifies the word count of any text selection.  If you charge by the word, write for publication ,  etc., and you need a certified, non-inflated word count, this tool is for you.  

     Freeware FreeMind Copy Tool (  is a freeware tool to copy FreeMind outlines for pasting directly into Ecco. When active, Winkey + F10 will copy the active FreeMind item and subs that can be then pasted (Control + V) into any ecco outline.

     Numpad Key Feature Neutralizer (  is a specialty tool to to turn off the special functionality of the Numberpad keys "*", "/", "+", and "-".  Multi-Year personal use trialware.  If you want the numeric pad "+" and "-" to be + and - and holding the shift key down when you press the keys is too much... this little tool solves that specialty problem.

     EM AnneBoleyn Title ::  Restore File Name+ (  is offered in response to special requests for the tool.  This tool is only relevant in rare setups where Ecco does not display the proper active data file.  Essentially  a bodiless EccoPro head that always is displayed, and shows the proper active EccoPro data file.  Clicking on the head, instantly brings up EccoPro.

     FREEWARE eccoMAGIC Caller ID XP/Vista Activation (  FREEWARE.  Many are unaware of the amazing power of EccoPro to automatically bring up the appropriate phonebook entry in response to incomming phone calls.  Using this feature requires compatible hardware.  Often some 'assistance' is needed to properly install the feature on XP/Vista systems.  This EccoMagic program does just that!  (and,  its FREE!)

Title: Re: Guide to the Perplexed  
Post by Admin on 06/05/08 at 20:37:08


HotDog (  FREEWARE tool that shows the same numbers 'WatchDog' shows,  but without slowing down Ecco as 'WatchDog' can.   Recommend using the Eccomagic Memory Reporter (it's better-- NO drag on Ecco, shows *exact* number of free space, warns of memory issues, etc. etc.).    HotDog shows lots of numbers but it actually gives much less information than the Memory Reporter.  If you can't use the memory reporter on your system (*rare*),  or you like to see all the numbers, this tool is for you.   You can hide and close it easily,  it doesn't drag on Ecco like 'WatchDog',  and it shows you all the same Ecco numbers.   Safe and interesting tool for all.

MultiEcco Enabler (  FREEWARE tool that activates access to multiple Ecco sessions.  This tool is very helpful if you understand ecco and want to run more than one independent ecco session at the same time.  This tool does not allow direct copy and pasting between sessions (you need the MagicClone tool for that),  but does allow normal copy and paste (ie. without item formatting  or folders), and allows for slang copies (ie. with formatting or with folders).  If you want to use other EccoMagic tools with multiEcco sessions,  you need this tool.

FREEWARE emSPAWN :: LUA programmer's tool ( is a specialty tool to enable LUA scripts to execute external commands and programs without waiting for the results.   Allows LUA to start programs which run along side your script or ecco.  Most users do not need to look at this tool.

FREEWARE emFolderMaker :: programic folder maker  tool ( is a specialty tool allowing LUA scripts or native Ecco Launch menu tool to create new ecco folders.  If you need this tool you know it.  If not,  most users do not need to look at this tool.

FREEWARE EM Developer Tool: DDE/Sync Change Tester ( FREEWARE. Esentially just like it sounds...  a diagnostics tool showing the DDE Sync Change reported by ecco, for understanding and testing by developers.   (We used it in working out a couple of slang extension issues, and make it available if useful for other developers).  Safe and but perhaps not so interesting tool for non-programmers.

EMessageLogger ( FREEWARE specialty debugging tool that displays the 'message' history from Ecco. Designed for advanced users,  requires debugging mode activation prior to use.  Tool is 100% Safe to try for non-experts.

Specialty Expert tools to expose special 'hidden' folders (  This includes two FREEWARE tools,  the Magic "OLE Objects" Folder Exposure[bETA] and the Magic Hidden Folder Columner, which  in the first case activates access to the 'OLE Objects' folder to enable filtering, gathering, etc. for screen clips and other OLE objects, and in the second allows exposing any hidden folder and contents  in standard column view.  These tools are potentially very helpful if you understand what they do and need it for some development or diagnostic purpose,  but unlike almost every other "EccoTools",  this tool is not recommended for play and adds nothing for the normal,  even intense user of ecco.   Ie. Please do not just try out these tools to see what they do.   "Carefree" use of these tools will kill your ecco session,  and could seriously damage your file and cause data loss.   Improper use of tool or the OLE Objects folder will corrupt your ecco file.     Again,   ALMOST EVERY OTHER "ECCOTOOL" IS **DESIGNED TO BE SAFE** FOR PLAY FOR YOU TO TRY THEM OUT,  PLAY WITH THEM,  SEE WHAT THEY DO,  AND EXPERIMENT WITH THEM!.    These 'expert' tools are not.   Available upon request under the helpware license is a similar tool, the "Ecco Hide/Reveal Folder Diagnostics" tool which extends the OLE Objects tool to any folder.   This used to be a 'request only' tool because the tool is seriously dangerous to your files.  Not a tool for play.      

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