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Message started by Admin on 01/08/07 at 23:16:27

Title: EM Scroll Wheels 3 - Scroll ALL sides of the screen
Post by Admin on 01/08/07 at 23:16:27

EM Scroll Wheels

"KatMouse" is a free program by Eduard Hiti that allows you to use a mouse wheel to scroll in Ecco.  You can see and download it here (   (Another similar program is "FreeWheel", here (   Also, the "Slang Extension" also allows you to use a mouse wheel to scroll in Ecco.  See the Yahoo!  Ecco_Pro forum file section for download.).

Frustratingly, these great programs do not allow scrolling the second pane of two pane views.  For example,  the calendar in Calendar view.   A few users turned to us in desperation, and we invested a lot of effort to solve the problem.

We have.  EM Scroll Wheels enables mouse wheels in Ecco.   For almost free, EM Scroll Wheels empowers you to scroll BOTH panes in a two pane view.   Scroll BOTH the calendar AND the "Tickler" pane.   Scroll BOTH sides of a two pane view (right click on one notebook while viewing another).   You can scroll without moving the mouse to the other side.

Simply use the mouse wheel alone,  or while holding down the SHIFT key.   It's that easy.

<<See NEW version 3,  in post below>>


We are transmitting or delivering to you a copy of our software,  similar to if we were transmitting or delivering to you a copy of a radio show.  We own the original program, as an entire work, including but not limited to the coding, text, html,  images, graphics, layout, design, and look and feel, all of which are COPYRIGHT by us, and all rights to which are retained by and RESERVED by us.   Similarly, the source code including any and all parts which are based on our trade secret or any patented or patent-pending technology,  are retained by us,  and your right is limited to a right to use the object code distributed to you.   You agree not to look under the hood, and to keep fully secret and confidential, even from your own eyes,  all internal processes of the program.          
We grant you,  and only to you,  the right to use,  for either a single user on as many machines used exclusively by that user, or for a single machine with multiple non-remote users.   You may, of course,  make reasonable backups of the program, if kept securely by you,  and not in such a way that others might have access or the opportunity to copy or steal the program from your backups.          
You are authorized to re-transmit or copy the program for your own use, from a fixed media to another fixed media or to local RAM of your machine,  in order to use the program in an ordinary fashion.  You are not authorized to modify, crack, or hack the program.  Application or implementation of any  modification, crack, or hack, is a violation of this end user agreement, and a violation of the program's copyright.          
The the full extent permitted by law, no warranties are made, and the software is transmitted "as-is".  Use of this software has not been tested by us on your individual machine or circumstances,  and you acknowledge this and you agree to assume all risk of use.  No warranty of fitness for use, and no warranty for merchantability are made by us,  and ALL IMPLIED WARRANTIES are, to the extent permitted by law,  fully disclaimed by us.   To the extent permitted by law,  the limitations of remedies for any breach of warranty is limited to replacement of the software, or refund of the purchase price,  at our exclusive option.          
This product is distributed "AS-IS".          
Please report any comments,  suggestions, bugs, or problems to:          
(C) Copr. 2006-2010.  ECCOMAGIC.  All Rights Reserved.

Very, very satisfying program for those who enjoy and frequently use the scroll wheel.


Title: How to Setup EM Scroll with Katmouse or Freewheel
Post by Admin on 01/14/07 at 00:53:54

To setup EM Scroll Wheels with Katmouse or Freewheel (so you can enjoy EM Scroll in Ecco, and Katmouse/Freewheel in other pograms):


(1)  Simply load EM Scroll Wheels  AFTER you load Katmouse/Freewheel


(2) Add Ecco to the exclude list of either program.  (for example, from Katmouse,  right click the katmouse icon, select settings,  select "Applications"  then "Add",   select the full path and file name for your ecco32.exe program file,  then double click on the Ecco32.exe line inside the katmouse dialog box, and select the "Don't handle window at all"  checkbox.   OK and OK,  and you've got it!)

Title: Re: EM Scroll Wheels 3 - Scroll ALL sides of the screen
Post by Admin on 02/25/10 at 21:03:22

"Built Bigger, Faster, Stronger"

Well, actually....


  Now you can scroll the FOLDER window, or a 3rd and 4th window pane.  Even scroll the phonebook form.

  For example,  If you have the Calendar open WITH the Phonebook,  and are displaying the phonebook form and ticklers and appointments,  you have 4 panes-->  The Appointment pane,  the Tickler pane,  the Phonebook listing pane, and the phonebook form.


Version 3

Recoded to adapt to very fast multi-processing systems and Windows 7.


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