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Message started by Admin on 12/20/06 at 10:52:25

Title: :: eccoMAGIC! ::  Magic cut, paste, & gather
Post by Admin on 12/20/06 at 10:52:25

Incredibly easy to use,  and POWERFULLY HELPFUL !!

Works with all versions of ECCO.

Empowers you to fully control your Ecco pasting and copying:

1. Shift+Ctrl+V :: insert individual lines as a single item block as a new item or WITHIN AN EXISTING ITEM, and with paragraph formatting, and outline structure retained,

2. ALT+Ctrl+V :: paste each paragraph as a seperate item with multiple lines within each paragraph as a single item block,

3. ALT+Shift+Ctrl+V :: insert as a single item block with extra space between paragraphs within that block,

4. WIN+Ctrl+V :: insert as a single item 'fully unscrunched' block,  

5. WIN+Shift+Ctrl+V :: paste text copied from a web page, automatically including its URL & links list,

6. Ctrl+Shift+C :: copy cleanly the parent level items you select or gather selected sub-items from one or several parents. Use it everywhere :: notepads, calendar and phonebook, and it doesn't matter if sub-items of any selected item are showing or marked-- the highest selected level of any folder or item is included,  

7. Ctrl+Alt+C :: copy item(s) including all text formatting and all folder values (including MV pages, recurring dates, alarms, etc.).  Paste with Ctrl+V  (multiple pastes with Ctrl+Alt+V).   Can paste (with folder values) in same or different file.  And,

8. Ctrl+Alt+Shift+C :: copy cleanly problematic character sets (such as non-English text).  

9.  Win+Shift+B ::  quick copy any folder value(s) from the active item (Ex.: Folder1,Folder2,"Folder,3").
10.  Win+Alt+B :: quick copy the numeric total of desired folders for selected items.

(note:  When you Gather selected headlines (TLI's) and selected sub-items of other TLI's,  or  copy selected TLI's WITHOUT any of the sub-items,  (Shift-Ctrl-C),    a small nuance of Ecco in sending outline information, causes TLI's which begin with a ctrl-T to be marked by Ecco as sub-items and those items are ignored by the shift-Ctrl-C  functions.  If you use ctrl-T at the beginning of items, but do *not* want such indented excluded from the gather function,  simply use a space and then ctrl-T  in the item text in place of simply a ctrl-T.  A global replace of ctrl-T with space ctrl-T will resolve issue if relevant in existing files.)

Also available on the eccoMAGIC homepage:


We are transmitting or delivering to you a copy of our software,  similar to if we were transmitting or delivering to you a copy of a radio show.  We own the original program, as an entire work, including but not limited to the coding, text, html,  images, graphics, layout, design, and look and feel, all of which are COPYRIGHT by us, and all rights to which are retained by and RESERVED by us.   Similarly, the source code including any and all parts which are based on our trade secret or any patented or patent-pending technology,  are retained by us,  and your right is limited to a right to use the object code distributed to you.   You agree not to look under the hood, and to keep fully secret and confidential, even from your own eyes,  all internal processes of the program.          
We grant you,  and only to you,  the right to use,  for either a single user on as many machines used exclusively by that user, or for a single machine with multiple non-remote users.   You may, of course,  make reasonable backups of the program, if kept securely by you,  and not in such a way that others might have access or the opportunity to copy or steal the program from your backups.          
You are authorized to re-transmit or copy the program for your own use, from a fixed media to another fixed media or to local RAM of your machine,  in order to use the program in an ordinary fashion.  You are not authorized to modify, crack, or hack the program.  Application or implementation of any  modification, crack, or hack, is a violation of this end user agreement, and a violation of the program's copyright.          
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This product is distributed "AS-IS".          
Please report any comments,  suggestions, bugs, or problems to:          
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Title: Re: eccoMAGIC!   :: Magic cut, paste, & gather ::
Post by Admin on 04/10/07 at 07:03:59

A short sample of  Ctrl-V  vs. Shift-Ctrl-V vs. Alt-Ctrl-V.

"One example is worth a thousand words..."

Title: Re: eccoMAGIC!   :: Magic cut, paste, & gather ::
Post by Admin on 04/21/07 at 14:22:14

How to use eccoMAGIC to easily reduce your 'Total ID count" (ie. reduce Ecco memory count use for items):

Simply mark a group of items (such as completed tasks, or work notes, etc.), and press Control+C,  DEL, (if you have included any TLI's you will be prompted: select ENTIRELY FROM FILE, and OK..), Enter,  Win+Ctrl+Shift+V.

This will convert the multiple items into a single item,  freeing the memory count used by each of the items combined.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  (1) All of the folder assignments for each and every one of the items combined in this way will be cleared.   This is a good thing if this is what you desire.   (2) All text formating (color, bold, etc.) will be lost.   This is not such a good thing, but is the best we can do right now....

You can manually combine items by marking them and then using the Ctrl+Shift+J  join function.  All text formatting is retained this way.  The outline structure, however, is not.

Title: Re:  :: eccoMAGIC! ::  Magic cut, paste, & ga
Post by Admin on 10/31/07 at 18:25:03

How to use eccoMAGIC to easily and instantly create folders from your phonebook entries:

1. In the phonebook,  mark the phonebook entries you want to create folders for.  

2. Press Control+Shift+C,  to 'magic copy'.

3. In the Folder view pane,  right click & select 'Edit Folders',  move to where you want to create the folders and then press Control+V.

It's that easy.   [smiley=thumbup.gif]

Title: Re:  :: eccoMAGIC! ::  Magic cut, paste, & gather
Post by Admin on 12/04/10 at 17:45:55

New features for version 3:

     Sometimes it is helpful to be able to quickly copy the value of one or more folders quickly.  For example,  grabbing milage recording associated with task items for filling reports.  If several such values need to be filled in elsewhere,  instead of manually copying or using the phonebook form to mark & copy,   the quick folder value copy allows just selecting each desired item,  quick copying the value,  pasting where you want it,  and then quick copying the next desired value.    It makes copying the value of any specific folder(s) just as easy as copying item's text.

     Often it is usefull to total the numbers contained in some folder.  Just select the items,  set the folders, and instantly total the values in each of the desired folders for the items selected.

     To clear the folders selected,  hold down the control key when using the quick copy hotkey,  eg., Control+Winkey+Alt+B to set new folders and total the values in those folders for the selected items.

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