Auto Assign rules take on the general form:



++:!:"Skip": [Value] < 10

Where the Flag determines when the rule will execute, Expression (or value) is a build up of functions or rules that are what you want to do and Condition is a logic expression that if true will cause the expression to execute if false will not. Following are the specific functions or rules that are built into eccoext. There are two distinct classes of functions, "Expression" and Lua scripts. Lua scripts will only work as a launch tool, (LUAscript: {function name of function in luacmd.lua file{) or in a rule when the trigger flag includes "L".

Lua Rule Expressions

The expressions have been moved to their own page along with the scripting functions that followed.

Scripting Functions

The following expressions are LUA functions that allow LUA to interact with ecco. In addition to these functions the entire LUA programming language is available for use. Many of the examples as part of these functions include some LUA commands. For a complete guide to the LUA programming language reference should be made of the online LUA manual is one that may be of use.